In what has become a busy trailer day, we get a new look at Logan, the latest X-Men film, and the final film for Hugh Jackman in the role that made him famous: The Wolverine. People got pretty excited following the release of that first trailer, its dystopia tease, it’s Western flavour, and this latest trailer offers more than that. But it’s also less pensive, offering more action, and yes, more blood, as this is the first R-rated Wolverine movie. And on top of all that, we finally get to see a new key character in action as she gets a chance to clean her claws…

Yes, in case it wasn’t clear before, this trailer definitively proves that Dafne Keen is playing X-23, who, in the comic books, is a clone of Wolverine with many of his same abilities including claws and a healing factor. The new Logan trailer makes it clear that she’s looking to the former X-Man as a father figure, but their exact relationship remains mysterious. What’s not a mystery though is that Logan looks more bad ass than ever. Shall we take a look? (Keep in mind, it only looks like a Pringles commercial in the beginning for a second.)

One fascinating detail is that the future portrayed here seems to be about more than the fact that mutants have died, or are dying, out. The X-Men themselves have passed into legend of a sort, existing in comic book form that Logan notes is only a quarter true and no where near as messy as reality. And what a jaunty hat Patrick Stewart was wearing there! (It had to be said.)

As these things go, a U.K. version of the new trailer has also been released. It’s about 30 seconds longer than the North American one, but it does have a couple of things the shorter trailer does not, F-bombs! Of course, when you’re dealing with a little girl with metal claws tearing apart cyborgs, some profanity is to be expected, right? Check out the other trailer below:

Logan will be in theatres everywhere on March 3.

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