Last week, we announced that Game of Thrones vet Peter Dinklage was reportedly joining Avengers: Infinity War and the Untitled Avengers sequel that comes afterward. While the details of who exactly he will be in the upcoming movies were not announced, many fans speculated that the actor would most likely play Pip The Troll, buddy of Adam Warlock who plays a significant part in the Infinity Gauntlet series, which the upcoming films is reportedly based on. Given the actor’s size, that’s what many assume. Of course, he could also play any number of Marvel’s cosmic characters, including MODOK, or even the Living Tribunal. With production about to start for both movies in Atlanta very soon, everyone’s getting ready for filming, and that means getting their hair ready.

Dinklage was recently in New York City getting his hair done at a local shop. One thing very noticeable was the actor’s new hair color after he was done.

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This seems to pretty much confirm that he will play Pip, who in the comics had the same shade of hair. If they follow The Infinity Gauntlet storyline, this means that we should soon expect casting news for who Adam Warlock will be as well. What are your thoughts on the new “do?” Is he going to play Pip, or does he just like red?

Source: Daily Mail via Movieweb

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