The upcoming Green Lantern Corps film set to release in 2020 is scouting for its leading man. The rumor mill has pushed out the shortlist for possible contenders to take on the role of the Emerald Crusader. As we mentioned in a previous piece about the film, there hasn’t been much released about what we can expect other than the main characters will be the Green Lanterns of Earth: Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner. This morning, The Wrap, dropped some names for who might take on the role and a surprising top of the list has a little experience with the character.

According to The Wrap, some of Hollywood’s biggest and best are on tap for playing Jordan. Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and none other than former Hal Jordan himself, Ryan Reynolds are being considered for the role. Reynolds famously handled the role in the 2011 film Green Lantern, which fans may remember as not meeting their expectations… or being very good. Reynolds even took shots at the film in last year’s Deadpool when he requested his super suit wasn’t green or animated. Given the failure of the first film, it might seem unlikely that Reynolds would be considered, but his stock as a player in superhero films went up astronomically with his Deadpool redemption. Reynolds may be reluctant to return to the role given his experience working on the first film, but the man is a fan-pleaser so it’s a possibility.

Tom Cruise is well-known throughout Hollywood as an A-Lister in everything action and sci-fi, but he has yet to helm a comic book superhero film before. That probably won’t make him any less of a contender given his acting chops, but it could edge him out for others on the shortlist.

Jake Gyllenhaal is another talented leading man who many fans could easily see slip on the emerald ring. Armie Hammer has been all over social media dropping hints about wanting the role and he has been everything but quiet about it.

The source for the names is apparently tied to the production of the film, but casting is still in its early stages so it really is anyone’s guess at this point. The names on the list could very well remain in consideration for any of the other Lanterns expected to be in the film. Since the movie is a good three years away, it may be some time before we get the final answers on who is playing Hal Jordan or any of the other Lanterns of Earth.

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