Instagram. In the mix of food porn and other things people like to document that don’t matter, there was/is Neil Blomkamp‘s Instagram Account. The District 9 director has famously used it as a dumping ground for his concept art for a proposed Alien sequel. His designs depicted his vision for the happenings to Sigourney Weaver‘s Ripley and Michael Biehn‘s Hicks post the events in Aliens – one piece of art even featured Riply wearing some sort of Xenomorph suit (pictured above).  Supposedly, FOX has was very keen on bringing Blomkamp’s newly proposed Alien sequel to celluloid.

So what’s the status? Is Sigourney Weaver ‘s Ripley going to get a proper ending? Well, it’s not looking good.

Someone asked Blomkamp on Twitter about the odds of his Alien film happening. His reply:

“Slim” might as well be code for “dead”.

Weaver said she’d be really surprised if Blomkamp’s sequel didn’t happen, and that the script is “great”. Even co-star Michael Biehn seemed to think it was a sure bet, stating in a previous interview: “It would keep the franchise alive, and the studios would make money because that’s what the bottom line is now: money.”

What killed the momentum? That would have to be Ridley Scott, kiddo.

Blomkamp’s Alien sequel was put on hold at executive producer Sir Ridley Scott‘s insistence, who wanted to complete Alien: Covenant before Alien 5 got made. Now with Covenant set to be released in a few months, and a few proposed Prometheus sequels on deck, intentions have obviously shifted.

Ever since Newt and Hicks (and Bishop) from Aliens were killed off, the franchise has been on a downward spiral. As a sci-fi film, Alien Resurrection (4) worked, but it completely destroyed every concept from the original premise of Alien, and even Aliens. Then there were those god awful Alien Vs Predator movies, and whatever the hell that prequel was in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (WTF?) At least Blomkamp’s concept sounded like the sequel to Aliens fans have been waiting for since 1986.

Of course, if Blomkamp’s idea is going to take a back seat to anything, it’s going to be at the behest of the guy that launched the franchise. Hello, Mr. Scott.

Unless Alien: Covenant takes a swan dive at the box office, or until Scott is pushing daisies, the ace in the pocket that was Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel ain’t gonna happen.


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