Cloak & Dagger TV Series Pilot Hires Director

It seems nothing can stop the entertainment juggernaut that is the combined might of Disney and Marvel in the areas of film and television. Not only have their properties consistently raked in billions of dollars each year in cinemas since the MCEU debuted, they have had quite a showing on the small screen as well. Marvel’s Agents of Shield on ABC and the successful hits on Netflix clearly aren’t enough to keep the company sated. In 2018, Marvel will be debuting another Superhero-themed television series, this time to FreeForm with the debut of a new Cloak & Dagger series. Details have been slim for this series, which still has over a year before it airs, but today news came out that the pilot episode has finally gotten its director.

Chosen to helm the project is Gina Prince-Bythewood (Felicity, A Different World, Love & Basketball, and Beyond the Lights) with a possibility of directing future episodes though this hasn’t been confirmed at this time. Prince-Bythewood let the world know of her selection with a Tweet:

Cloak & Dagger is another interesting choice for Marvel’s team since the crimefighting duo is another of Marvel’s street-level superheroes with a limited audience. No doubt, they are trusting the existing format, which has been incredibly successful on Netflix and the choice of Prince-Bythewood to helm the project is certainly a good step moving forward. The pair have previously only been seen in animated form, carried on other shows, so this will be the first time they will be seen in live-action.

Cloak and Dagger are a pair of superheroes with somewhat unique powers. Dagger, also known as Tandy Bowen, has the ability to create daggers of light, purge an addict of their addictions, and heal with her daggers. Tyrone “Ty” Johnson is Cloak who has the ability to teleport himself and others, become intangible, and link to the mysterious Darkforce Dimension.

The team is inseparable given that Cloak requires the light from Dagger to help feed his hunger. Whenever he is unable to get the light from her, he needs to trap people in the Dark Dimension to curb his hunger. Think of some sort of psychic vampirism that involves trapping people in a really big cloak. Both characters have been featured throughout numerous Marvel crossovers over the years and while they are relatively powerful, their publication has generally kept them in the ‘lesser known’ category of Marvel Superheroes.

The series will debut in 2018 on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family. Like ABC, which airs Agents of Shield, it is owned by Disney (What isn’t at this point?).

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