Remember The Lawnmower Man? It was part of the VR trend of the early 90s when it seemed like Holodecks were only about a decade away, and computers and the internet were new, and mysterious, and full of limitless possibilities. Oh, such innocent times. Well now VR is a thing, it’s in our homes and getting more common all the time, so what a better time to remake The Lawnmower Man then right now, and what a better way to remake it then doing it in VR! That’s the plan for the remake of the 1992 movie based on nothing remotely resembling the original Stephen King short story.

The Verge is reporting that The Lawnmower Man is being remade as a “VR realization of the film.” The exact details of the film were not revealed, but we know that it will be produced by Jaunt, which is the same company behind the VR series Invisible being developed by Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. It also joins a line-up of other VR projects being worked on by Jaunt including a political sci-fi series called The Enlightened Ones, a robot show called Miss Gloria, and a stoner comedy called Bad Trip.

The original Lawnmower Man movie in 1992 starred Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey. Fahey played Jobe Smith, a groundskeeper with an intellectual disability who becomes the subject of experiments to boost intelligence performed by Dr. Lawrence Angelo, played by Brosnan. But the experiments do more than make Jobe smarter, they give him super-powers and cause emotional problems, and then he decides to take the final step in evolution by uploading himself into a virtual reality system. The film sported the most up-to-date computer graphics at the time, which makes ReBoot look like Toy Story 3 by comparison.

No further information about the Lawnmower Man remake has been provided, but we’ll have more information as it becomes available.

Source: /Film

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