Just before the mid-season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, we finally caught a sight of Rip Hunter. Rip, who has pretty much non-existent this season (sans a “farewell” hologram he sent to the Legends), so it was a little bit of a surprise that in last December’s episode “The Chicago Way”, he’s alive and well and living in the late 1960, and he no longer had his British accent.

This week gives us not only an explanation for what happened to Rip and how it plays to current events with the Legends ad the Legion of Doom, but we get a whole bunch of awesome Star Wars Easter Eggs and tongue-in-cheek references. Rest assured, spoilers for this week’s episode “Raiders of the Lost Art.”

The episode begins with the events of the season one finale (the last time we “really saw Rip) as the Wave Rider is destroying all around them. After scattering the rest of the Legends throughout time, Rip basically goes and grabs a spear hidden in a compartment in his room. Even Gideon did not know about his secret. Of course, it’s the Spear of Destiny that the Legion of Doom are after. Then grabs the core of the time drive, zapping him to parts unknown (we find out later where he ends up)

One of the brilliant things about Legends of Tomorrow is that it allows the DC universe to have some fun with history. Most of the Legends’ adventures have been in the Old West, fighting Nazis, and the occasional trip into the future. However this week, they travel to the 1967 to suburban California after they discover that Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn killed a bunch of bikers. Naturally, The Legends assume that it has to deal with the medallion and the fragments associated with it. Off to the California, they go.

While in LA, and just randomly looking for clues, the Legends stumble on a film production of “Legends.” They figure, “why not?” and head into the production and Rip is the director of a film adaptation of all of their adventures. Rip still doesn’t have his English accent, and he has no idea who the Legends are. Somehow touching the time core that “jump-started” his brain and he no longer is really “Rip.” All his adventures with the Legends end up being a script he wrote for a movie. They make an interesting pot-shot at Season 1 villain Randall Savage and Rip’s Hollywood adaptation of him is cheesy. Soon enough, Damien and Malcolm come to try and find Rip and get the Spear of Destiny. Turns out the Spear is one of Rips film props. The Legends manage to walk away with Rip, but not before Rip’s assistant runs away afraid.

That’s where it gets even more interesting.

After scaring off the production assistant, “George” decides to leave film school. Shortly afterward, Ray, a scientist, and Nate an archeologist start to lose their memories. Turns out film school George was actually George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and pretty much the modern blockbuster. We kind of take George Lucas for granted nowadays as he kinda hurt our fanboy feelings with the prequels, but Lucas has been a major not only in Hollywood but culture in general. There are many scientists who got into that field as a result of seeing Star Wars. If he simply did not go to film school, could have impacted the world in ways we cannot expect via the butterfly effect.

With George quitting film school, he no longer was the visionary director but instead just a plain old insurance salesman who is celebrated for his insurance accolades every year that Star Wars came out. That’s the first of many Star Wars Easter Eggs and references throughout the episode. We hear them say “you’re my only hope” as well as have them thrown into a closing trash compactor. It’s pretty clear that George’s adventure with the Legends influenced his vision for Star Wars. They ultimately convince George to stay in film school by telling him about how impactful he will be throughout the world, he just has to believe in himself.

Sara tries to convince Rip of who he is in the same way, however, his mind is a little too scrambled. He tries to pretend he’s the original Rip when dealing with the Legion of Doom, but it fails on a massive level. When Eobard Thawne shows up, the Legion of Doom kidnaps him where he’ll be tortured for the location of the Spear.

This was one of the most fun episodes this season. Even though the stakes are still high, this episode couldn’t help but wink at the audience. All the tongue in check references to Star Wars, Indiana Jones and other film were spot on. It was interesting for DC (Warner Bros) to spend an episode focusing on George Lucas (Lucasfilm- Disney) their superhero competitors in a way. However, Lucas is just that type of director that should get the honor, competition or not. It was good to see Arthur Darvill return as rip. However, I like Sara as the captain and if Rip returned 100%, she would have once again been on the back burner. She’s an effective leader for the Legends and should remain so.

Legends of Tomorrow airs every Tuesday on The CW at 9 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s all-new Legends of Tomorrow.

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