It’s funny how often in this business that the first look at very specific details from certain movies come from images of the action figures based on those properties. To wit, as we look forward to Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s release later this year, we’re being treated to a full scale (and to scale?) look at a couple of key aspects to the new film. First, naturally, is the Vulture. We’ve only seen brief glimpses of the film’s main villain in the trailers released so far. Another interesting note in the photos below, is Spidey’s initial homemade costume. The one he ditched for the upgraded Stark-designed suit in Captain America: Civil War

As you’ll recall, when Tony met Spidey in Civil War, the erstwhile Iron Man had YouTube footage of Spider-Man in a homemade suit and goggles, but we never really got a good look at the suit itself in action. Well amongst the images below, and presumably the various action figures that will be up for bids at your local toy store in a few months time, you can actually get your own Mark I Spider-Man. If the name “Ben Reilly” means anything to you, you’re about to get a flashback to 1996.

There’s also these images of the Vulture.

And these pretty sharp Spider-Man figures, accessories and playsets, which beg the eternal question about how Spider-Man, a poor high school student, can afford to have a spider-themed dune buggy or ATV?

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in theatres everywhere on July 7.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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