Since defining themselves as not only a platform for great programming but also a formidable creator, Netflix has found space for its output in almost every genre of television, film and various other forms of broadcast specials. Now dropping the new trailer for its latest venture, Ultimate Beastmaster, it has broached the territory of the obstacle and assault course physical challenge shows. While it might sound niche, there are plenty of these getting great ratings on channels around the world, from the original Japanese Sasuke – or Ninja Warrior in the English speaking countries it has reached – to the downright silly British Total Wipeout.

Ultimate Beastmaster has clearly been created in keeping with the original premise in mind: to gather the most athletically skilled people in one place and pit them against each other in a physical challenge that will test their strength, agility and control. The creators of the show have named their assault course ‘The Beast’.

Over the course of ten episodes, contestants from all around the world will take on The Beast. Each episode, one champion out of twelve competitors from Brazil, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the U.S. will win the opportunity to go through to the final round. The winners from each episode will then battle it out against each other in the final episode to claim the title of The Ultimate Beastmaster.

If that wasn’t enough to hook you, the show will be hosted by Dave Broome, of The Biggest Loser, and Sylvester Stallone, as well as having a pair of commentators from the six different competing countries ensuring that fans around the world can keep up with all the action. Charissa Thompson and Terry Crews commentate for English speaking audiences.

The show will be coming to Netflix on February 24th and, in the meantime, the trailer has plenty of action to get the blood pumping.

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