Last week on Legends of Tomorrow, we had such a tongue-in-cheek episode where the Legends needed to save George Lucas, as Star Wars was responsible for the creation of at least two of the Legends and their heroics (and probably countless others throughout history). This week, however, the show the show went back to its more serious, more dark roots. Not only did we get torture, but family drama, and all sort of other big issues.

To start off, the show gave us a different intro. Instead of the voiceover coming from one of the Legends telling the viewer the premise of the show, we are instead treated to an intro from the villains’ point of view. Damien Darhk gives the intro not only detailing his death last season on Arrow, but also giving us the intro for the other members of the Legion of Doom and their quest for the Spear of Destiny.

In fact, for most of the episode, the Legends are the supporting characters. This episode reminds me of that one episode of Battlestar Galactica told completely from the Cylons point of view. The episode opens with Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk as they recruit Malcolm Merlyn into the fold for their quest As we catch up to current events with them holding the still brain time-scrambled scrambled Rip Hunter hostage as they question him for the location of the pieces of the Spear of Destiny.

Even from the beginning, it’s clear that this group isn’t as tight as they want to be. Eobard is clearly the leader, as he is bossing the two former League of Assassins member to do his orders. For some reason, he keeps needing to leave as his watch goes off. It’s obvious that there will be some animosity between the two of them and Thawne that will come to them being at odds with each other. After trying to torture Rip with no results, they try hypnosis. When that doesn’t work out, they go back to torture. However, the second round of torturing is a little simpler. After the removal of one of Rip Hunter’s teeth, they discover that Rip has a safety deposit box in Switzerland 2025. It’s naturally assumed that the safety box will hold other pieces of the spear. Off to 2025 they go.

Meanwhile, the Legends are brainstorming what to do to get the rest of the pieces of the spear as well as save Rip. Rory, or course, says to just trade the medallion for Rip, which is not the best of ideas. Stein then comes up with the idea to go to Star City 2017 where he can talk to a “scientist” who could help them. He and Jax arrive and they run into his daughter Lily at Jitters and enlist her scientific expertise. Sure, he needed her help, but he also misses his daughter as well.

When she come on the Wave Rider, everyone (besides Sara) is shocked that Stein actually has a daughter. He then fills the rest of the team in on creating a time aberration. Lilly helps Ray successfully integrate Gideon with the medallion. While having a celebratory toast with synthetic food and drink, Rory makes a Rory comment on Lilly being synthetic as well. This leads to Stein finally having the awkward confrontation with his daughter about her being a time aberration. How would you feel if you were told that you weren’t “real” until a week ago?

The Reverse Flash once again disappeared and tasked Damien and Malcolm go to the bank to retrieve the items from the safety box in 2025. They decided to use Rip as an asset and convinced him to retrieve the item instead of going in guns blazing. For the most part, Rip does his job, but he cannot remember the passcode to the vault, so it’s guns blazing time. They manage to escape and head back for more interrogation of Rip. However, the two have had it with each other and with Thawne and start to argue to the point of a sword fight erupts. In the middle of the two battling, Rip mentions that they are doing exactly what Eobard wants. The two then come up with a plan to finally confront him about their level of involvement and respectability.

As they meet with Eobard in a bank vault, they lock the vault to discuss terms of their partnership. With the door locked, there’s nowhere to go. Eobard’s watch starts to go off. For the first time, the very in-control Eobard is visibly shaken. He tells Malcolm and Damien that he needs to get out of the vault, and they don’t budge. They want to know what he’s so afraid of. Malcolm then explains to them that he was erased from time (in The Flash season one finale) when his ancestor killed himself. However, thanks to Flashpoint (Damnit Barry!) and him remaining a part of the Speed Force no matter what, he was able to come back. However, he has been hunted by Black Flash. Black Flash, of course, is Zoom after he was devoured by Time Wraiths in the season two finale of The Flash and now is basically the living embodiment of Death, and is hunting Speedsters who need to be killed. Eobard needs the Spear of Destiny to free himself from Black Flash. There’s something that the Reverse Flash fears, and Damien and Malcolm use that to their advantage.

Stein finally confronts his daughter and tells her that he does, in fact, love her. The two reconcile their differences. They agree to not keep secrets from each other, which leads him to tell her that he is Firestorm, which she doesn’t believe. Stein also informs the rest of the Legends about Thawne’s history, which is why Gideon has no recollection of him. They now know who their enemy is, and why he wants the spear as well.

After Thawne agrees that they should be equal partners, the two League of Assassin leaders agrees to set a trap for Black Flash. They use Thawne as bait, and as long as he doesn’t use the Speed Force, Death cannot find him. Eobard stays frightfully still as Black Flash stalks him and then Damien and Malcolm attack Black Flash. Of course, they cannot hurt him, but they distract him long enough for Eobard to use a Speed Force punch to knock him into the vault. The trio escapes, and now they are equal partners. They finally remove the item from Rip’s deposit box. It was not a piece of the spear, but a device that stored Rip’s memories on it. Thawne gives Rip his memories back, but makes a few modifications. We then go to the Revolutionary War and Rip Hunter (with an English accent) kills George Washington.

After such a “fun” episode, it was good for the show to get back to basics. The show also brilliantly used the best parts of both The Flash and Arrow for tonight’s episode. The fight between Malcolm and Damien was straight out of an episode of Arrow, sticking to just some good old-fashioned street fighting (with swords) between the both of them, reminding us that they are members of the League of Assassins. Tonight also finally answered a little bit of the mystery of Eobard and how he came back to life, something that The Flash didn’t fully explain. It also let us know what Zoom’s new role will be in the Arrowverse going forward. I expect him to continue appearing not only in Legends of Tomorrow, but also in The Flash as well.

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