‘Life’ Debuts Second Trailer During Super Bowl LI

It wasn’t just beer ads and trailers for sequels during last night’s big game. An upcoming science fiction film called Life premiered its second trailer and it looks absolutely amazing! Sure, the action on the field was pretty intense and certainly worth watching, but it’s a pretty well known fact that people just tune in for the commercials. Studios spend big bucks preparing their projected hits for these spots costing a whopping $5 million for every 30 seconds of airtime so the studio must be as excited to bring Life to theaters as they were to make this 2:30 spot at a cost of $25 million just to air. This is a trailer with some explanation so SPOILERS ahead (Duh).

Check out the trailer that dropped during the Super Bowl:

As far as science fiction film trailers go, this one pretty much nails all the standard tropes. It opens on some optimistic space-faring folks who share some laughs and good news. The musical undertones suggest almost tranquility as the crew makes it to Mars and succeeds in capturing a pod that had been to the surface and collected samples. A first for humanity according to one voice-over. But what did the pod bring back and could it be alive? Well, yes. The film is called Life so it wouldn’t be very interesting if they found a fossil. At this point, the music changes, the fast-cuts arrive, and it becomes apparent this is a horror/suspense film and not a fun little jaunt to Mars.

What begins looking like a single-celled organism quickly evolves into a killing machine. The film is clearly following the plan of not bringing back a dangerous alien creature to Earth or all life will be destroyed. As the action intensifies and everything ramps up to horrific proportions, the audience is left wondering what happened and what did the creature evolve into? This movie has the opportunity to have fun with creature-effects and come up with something truly unique. It’s not apparent whether or not the alien life form evolves based upon its prey: humans… or if it is simply evolving based upon its own Martian physiology. What is apparent is that this thing wiped out all life on Mars and it is on it’s way to Earth.

Life will premiere on March 24th in the United States. The film was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writing team that created Zombieland and Deadpool so the story should be as riveting as the trailer. Sitting in the directing chair is Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Kind 44, and Outside Love) and stars Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Zodiac, and Source Code), Rebecca Ferguson (The Girl on the Train, Hercules, and Florence Foster Jenkins), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool, Green Lantern, and R.I.P.D.). The movie was produced by Skydance and will be released by Columbia Pictures.

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