As a Patriots fan and a fan of Stranger Things, this was the best thing to happen during the game. Sadly it wasn’t the touchdown that the team finally scored late in the third quarter. It was, however, the Stranger Things trailer for the second season. This is probably an over-exaggeration, but if the Patriots manage to come back from this terrible deficit, it’ll still be better than that. One of the biggest reasons – seeing the kids dressed up as The Real Ghostbusters.

Check out the trailer for Stranger Things season 2 that dropped during the Super Bowl. Be careful though. There are definitely going to be some spoilers in the trailer and in this article.

No surprises here, but it looks like Will is still suffering from the effects from being within the Upside Down. Now there are some things to think about here. Could it be that Will has some how brought the Upside Down to normal reality? When the season ended, he had to excuse himself from the dinner table to only to end up spitting up some kind of worm from the Upside Down. In the trailer he opens the door to his house and sees a giant creature in the distance. It also looks like he’s been drawing the same creature. Or are these all just hallucinations from a child’s over-active imagination? This writer believes that Will is actually still in the Upside Down and that season two will all be made up.

Whatever happens, expect more of the same awesome 80’s nostalgia as the kids can be seen wearing full Ghostbusters gear. But why? No one else at the school seems to be in costume. So it doesn’t appear to be some kind of Halloween themed day at school. Maybe they are just that awesome that they decided to wear those outfits that day.

Stranger Things season two comes to Netflix some time in October. If the trailer was any indication, possibly October 31, 2017.

Source: Slashfilm

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