A New ‘X-Men’ Animated Series In The Works?

For everyone who grew up during the ’90s and watched the original X-Men The Animated Series, it looks like Marvel has begun development of another entry into the X-Universe and it may be more adult-oriented than previous attempts. There are not many details yet as to who is developing the show and for which network, but a recent leak/rumor has indicated that an announcement should be coming sometime this year.

The rumor has come out of Marvel’s recent creative summit so it’s likely that this will pan out and a new series should be announced sometime this year. The renewed interest in a Marvel-sponsored X-Men project indicates that relations between Marvel and Fox may be thawing. The success of last year’s Deadpool may have pushed Marvel to reach out and return to developing these characters. While Marvel did create the characters in the X-Men universe, they sold the license rights for film-making to Fox Studios and, as a result, have not been able to make mutant-themed films for years. Marvel is actually prohibited from using the term Mutant in their television shows and films due to this license agreement, which is why Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD features Inhumans instead of the more popular Mutants.

This has led executives at Marvel to stop development of new characters and merchandise for the X-Men universe. As Chris Claremont put it in a podcast he did with Nerdist a few years ago, “Why promote Fox material?” This announcement suggests this relationship has gotten better and it will only help the fans who just want more of what they love.

Claremont: I have to say, quite honestly as I understand it, now the X department is forbidden to create new characters.

Nerdist: Well… who owns them?

Claremont: All because all new characters become the film property of Fox. There will be no X-Men merchandising for the foreseeable future because, why promote Fox material?

The Marvel/Fox feud doesn’t begin and end with the X-Men and Mutants. When Fox released their horrible Fantastic Four movie in 2014, Marvel went ahead and cancelled their own long-running comic of the same name. If that’s not sticking it to your competition, what is? Regardless of this ongoing dispute, it seems things may be improving with this announcement.

With any luck, the new series will be developed for Fox Entertainment like the original. While the X-Men shows that have been developed for Disney XD have been entertaining and fans certainly do love them, a more adult-oriented animated show is warranted. X-Men TAS was suitable for children, but the themes tackled on the series were more mature than what has been made recently. The original series is arguably the best to have aired and is comparable to other amazing shows like Batman The Animated Series and Spider-Man.

Now that the theme song is stuck in the head of anyone who is reading this article, it’s important to point out that everything regarding a future television series is speculation at this point. While it seems likely that Marvel will announce a new animated X-Men series, it is unclear at this point which studio will develop or air the program. We will update you as new information develops so keep an eye on NerdBastards.com for all your X-Men animated news!

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