The first full trailer for the upcoming Marvel and Netflix series Iron Fist has finally made its way onto the Internet. The fourth in the fantastic Marvel/Netflix street level superhero universe brings us the last of the upcoming Defenders and sets the stage for bigger things. There’s more than just one familiar face in the trailer. Rosario Dawson‘s Claire, the glue that seems to hold this universe together is there along with the villainous Madame Gau played by Wai Ching Ho.Check out the new trailer :

Madame Gao looks to be the behind the scenes villain and many are speculating that she may actually be a television version character from Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja’s series The Immortal Iron Fist. That magical city of K’un L’un where Danny Rand (Finn Jones) learned how to fight isn’t the only magical city of fighters, there are seven cities that meet every so often to determine via Mortal Kombat style, which city will reside on Earth. Now that would make a great season two story-line.

March 17th is only a month away, get ready to binge away your weekend.

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