If you know one thing about Jason Voorhees, it’s that you can shoot him, you can stab him, you can electrocute him, you can drown him, you can dump him in toxic waste, and you can send him to Hell, but ultimately, he just keeps coming back for more. Zombies are like that too. Death is not an impediment, but an advantage. Even in Hollywood. So while we’re reporting here today that Friday the 13th and World War Z 2 have been moved off the Paramount schedule, don’t expect them to be gone for long. Well, Friday the 13th anyway…

The Wrap is reporting that the Paramount has removed those two big horror franchise movies from their release calendar for 2017. Now World War Z should not come as any big surprise. Leaving aside the troubles of the original film’s production in 2013, the sequel had been scheduled for a June 9 release this year, even in spite of the fact that director J.A. Bayona had left the project over a year ago. No replacement has ever been named, but World War Z 2 remained on the calendar. So unless the film was going to hire a new director and be shot, edited and produced in less than five months, it’s quiet retirement off the schedule seems long overdue.

In the case of Friday the 13th, Paramount had locked up the appropriate date of October 13 to release the new film, the first since the Plantinum Dunes-produced reboot in 2009. It seemed like the stars had aligned for the project, but according to Deadline, Paramount got weary after Rings couldn’t replicate past successes at the box office this past weekend. In it’s place, Paramount has scheduled Darren Aronofsky’s new film mother! starring Jennfer Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer and Javier Bardem.

If any further news on Friday the 13th or World War Z 2 we’ll bring it to you.

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