Between the sad loss of Carrie Fisher throwing the future of the franchise into limbo and the mysterious title that has spawned dozens of fan theories already, the eighth Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, has been on a lot of lips recently. This is especially impressive, given it is not even due for release until the very end of the year in December, not to mention the dearth of information released about the movie. So far, almost nothing is known about it and fans are eager to see and hear more, even if it’s just a still from the set or a brief teaser.

But while most of us are going to have to wait, there is one lucky guy who doesn’t have to be as patient as the rest of us.

According to a Tweet from journalist Hannah Sampson, Disney CEO Bob Iger has already seen not just photos or mock up trailers, but the movie in its entirely, and his comments are glowing with positivity.

It’s not un fair to assume that Iger probably would say something along those lines in the public forum, even if he wasn’t all that impressed, being the CEO of the company producing the movie. But, from this one simple tweet, there are plenty of interesting things that fans can infer whether they choose to believe in his review or not.

For a start, it means that there is a rough cut of the movie finished – at least. It means that, between now and the release date in December, there is plenty of time for director Rian Johnson to polish and perfect not only the movie itself but the first trailer, which is planned to be released at Star Wars: Celebration in Florida in April, so by the time we finally do see something for ourselves there’s no excuse for it not to be awesome.

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