It’s the mid 1990’s and you just got home from middle school. You take off your backpack, run right to the living room, and turn on the television. What show do you put on? If you answered The Magic School Bus, then you deserve a prize. Sadly, the show stopped producing new episodes some time in 1997, but can sometimes be found on syndication. However, it looks like the show about a science teacher who drives a magical school bus to take her students on amazing field trips is coming back to life as an animated series on Netflix titled, “Magic School Bus Rides Again” with Kate McKinnon ready to jump into the driver’s seat.

For those of you who may not remember, Lilly Tomlin voiced the original Ms. Frizzle. McKinnon will voice the same named character. Not many details have been released regarding the new series, but here is what’s known. Students from the original series will guest star on the new series, and they will be voiced by the original actors that played them. Other celebrities are set to make guest appearances as well, though none have been named.

While it’s just an idea, it would be great if McKinnon’s Ms. Frizzle was actually the daughter of the original Ms. Frizzle. It would make sense considering students from the original show will be making appearances on the new series. Thus concluding that the original show’s continuity exists in this one and allowing Tomlin to come back as the original Ms. Frizzle. The Ms. Frizzle that Tomlin played was named Valerie. No first name for McKinnon’s Ms. Frizzle has been released. Which leads to more speculation that the two could be related.

There is no set date to when the new series will debut on Netflix. For now, the original 90’s series can be seen in it’s entirety on the streaming service.

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