It’s Christmas Eve, and we gotta save America!

Last week gave us a great episode of Legends of Tomorrow almost 100% from the perspective of the villains, the Legion of Doom. Not only do we know that the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne has a weakness, but we also know why he is so desperate to get a hold of the Spear of Destiny. The best way to prevent the Black Flash from killing you, is to alter reality so that you once again exist. Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn also graduated from interns to partners in the Legion of Doom as well. To top it off, not only were they able to rescue Rip Hunter’s memories, but they programmed him into the fourth member of the team by creating an “evil” identity for him.

And they sure put Evil Rip to work. The episode begins with him in the Revolutionary War and Rip is on the side of the British. However, he’s given them shotguns from the future, oh and he also murders George Washington. Eobard and Rip know that the murder of George Washington would create a large enough time quake to make the Legends come after them and they would be able to obtain another piece of the Spear of Destiny, which is aboard the Wave Rider. Sara knows this is a trap, they just have to be ready for anything. They have to save George Washington and in effect, save America.

As the Legends travel to 1776, they go to a part where they know Washington will be. Not too much long after, the British come into the party shotguns blazing with the hopes of getting Washington. Sarah manages to help him escape in the commotion, but then Rip uses some sort of EMP device which not only overloads the Wave Rider, but Ray Palmer’s Atom suit (while he’s small), and Rory’s Heatwave gun. The Legends are weaponless, which makes it a little bit of an uneven fight. Rip corners Sara, Rory, and George Washington revealing himself to be the bad guys now. To show just how evil he is, she shoots Sara point blank range and leaves her to die in the snow.

Nate and Vixen escape another direction and their side story is very interesting. The two haven’t shown much flirting during the show. In fact, if I was a betting man, I would have thought that she would have ended up with Rory and turn his black heart, based on how the two interacted in past episodes. However, this week she took a C turn and her and Nate grew rather close. It started when she flirted with him over breakfast on the Wave Rider. Later on, Nate was explaining to her the concept of Tinder as well as “Netflix and Chill” as there isn’t much “courting” done anymore. We have to remember that she is a person out of time having lived at a different time before she joined the Legends. Later on, the two are attacked by a few soldiers, and Nate falls into a river (remember it’s Christmas time in New Jersey), and starts to suffer from hypothermia. Vixen doesn’t suffer as she uses her totem to tap into powers of a seal, which do not suffer from the cold. In order to keep Nate warm, they huddle up in a tent together, and have to get naked and huddle together to stay warm. We all know what that is heading.

Meanwhile, on the Wave Rider, Sara arrives barely functioning, but with no power, Gideon is offline. Before Sara passes out, she gives authority to Jax (who doesn’t want the leadership mantle). Stein and Jax will need to hold down the fort, as Rip and a few soldiers arrive looking for the piece of the Spear. Also,  Atom is still small in his suit, and the show gives the best homage/rip off of Ant-Man, as he is walking through a ventilation shaft being chased by a rat. After dispatching the other soldiers, Jax and Rip play a game of cat and mouse for a little while. Rip doesn’t play as he tries to kill him a few times. However, he finally gets Jax to tell him where the spear is by threatening Sarah. After he reveals where it is, Rip goes ahead and kills Sarah anyway.

As he leaves the Wave Rider, Jax now goes for revenge. Lucky for everyone, Ray Palmer manages to restart the Wave Rider’s backup system and as a result, Gideon is able to turn back on and save Sara (as she’s not brain dead yet). The now alive Sara stops Jax from killing Rip as he would lose who he is if he did it.

Nate and Vixen manage to save Rory and George Washington from execution by British soldiers. Thanks to Rory’s gruff demeanor while a prisoner with Washington, Washington takes his advice of not playing fair in war and when the timeline is restored, there’s a monument in Washington DC to Rory’s image. The team all head back to the Wave Rider and celebrate Christmas together. Although Nate and Vixen did hook up, she breaks it off, citing it’s “unprofessional.” The team finishes their Christmas as a family.

Legends of Tomorrow airs every Tuesday on The CW at 9 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s all-new Legends of Tomorrow.

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