Can you remember the last time an episode of The Flash made your eyes open wide? It’s definitely been a while. However, this week’s episode may have finally changed that. Titled, “Untouchable,” this week’s episode thought outside of the box. It had a villain worthy of the viewers time, and created a couple of moments that you may not though possible or at least fathomable. As usual, you’ll find plenty of spoilers here. So if you haven’t seen the episode, go watch it first.

The episode starts off with something surely fans have been wanting to see –  a race between The Flash and Kid Flash. Things are neck and neck until the very end when The Flash phases through a building leaving Kid Flash to run over it. It looks like someone still has a few tricks to learn. While The Flash remains a little faster, Barry’s still confident Wally will be ready when the time comes to fight Savitar.

Meanwhile, a death in the city has everyone scratching their heads at CCPD. Barry convinces Julian to take the body back at the lab. There, he and Caitlin discover that the body had continued to decay even after death leaving nothing but a dusty residue. Soon enough, another body shows up. Eventually Barry realizes that the murders are connected. It turns out that the victims were cops in Flashpoint. Back at the lab, Julian and Caitlin discover that the killer, Clive Yorkin, is a meta-human that was created by Alchemy.

During a dinner date with Joe’s girlfriend and her daughter, Yorkin shows up for Joe. Thanks to the encounter, Barry finally gets a good look at Yorkin’s abilities. It seems that everything he touches turns to ash. The entire process is never completely explained. At the lab, Iris has a minor breakdown over the possible loss of her dad. She finally reveals the secret that everyone has been hiding from Joe. He storms out of the lab without after scolding everyone like they were his kids. Later that nigh, Yorkin shows up at Barry and Iris’ apartment and attacks Iris. Wally shows up, but is unable to stop Yorkin from touching her. They rush her to the lab where Caitlin uses her abilities to freeze Iris’ arm and help delay the decay. Cisco and HR come up with a plan to figure out who Yorkin’s next victim will be by vibing into Flashpoint. Joe heads off to warn her on the train she’s riding.

Knowing that Joe and his next victim are on the train, Yorkin drops part of a bridge onto the tracks. Joe hits his panic button and Barry and Wally race off to save the train. Barry shows up with the crazy idea to phase the train through the rubble. After he manages to do the impossible, Wally takes on Yorkin. Barry feeds him the info needed to defeat Yorkin. By phasing some of his blood through Yorkin, he’d be able to neutralize the effects of his powers. After accomplishing something that’s been eluding him all episode, Wally defeats Yorkin which allows the team to come up with a way to save Iris. The episode ends with Jesse Quick running through a portal to Earth-1. Before Wally is able to great her, she tells him that Grodd has kidnapped her dad and taken him to Gorilla City.

What was the last episode that made you say wow? Was it the big twist during the Zoom arc? Or maybe you have to go all the way back to when the rift opened up leading to the theory of the multiverse? There have been some wow moments throughout the series, but this one, arguably, takes the cake. Phasing your hand through a wall is pretty cool, but to make a whole train go through one sounds like something out of a David Copperfield special on television. It really displayed how much control and power Barry has. He’s really proven himself to be a Speedforce master with Wally as his young apprentice.

The great thing about this week’s episode was that it wasn’t just Barry who stole the show. Fans got the complete package as everyone showed off some of their best skills. From Caitlin doing her frost thing to Cisco vibing into a universe that doesn’t really exist anymore, these were things no one has seen before. It really shows how far their characters have progressed throughout the show.

The episode also raised a lot of questions, but in a good way. Such as, if Cisco is able to see into universes that don’t exist, what else will his powers allow him to do? Will Caitlin be able to a balance between her personas? And who is this last husk that Julian is searching for? Many new paths opened up tonight, and it will be fun to watch which ones they will go down.

Finally, this was a great setup for what’s to come. A 2-episode arc with Gorilla Grodd. If Yorkin was just a taste of what they could potentially do, imagine what it’ll be like when they all have to bring their A-Game. This should be a lot of fun to watch.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s new episode.

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