Out of all of Netflix’s original programming, no series has been met with such intrigue and divisive response than The OA. Almost two months after the first series aired and ended with an “it’s up to the audience to decide what happened” type cliffhanger, a second season has just now been confirmed. 

Created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling, the latter of whom also plays the protagonist in the series, The OA returns after the titular character suffered her latest NDE (near death experience) in the first series.

For those who haven’t seen the first series, it follows the disappearance of a blind young woman named Prairie Johnson, who returns to her hometown and adoptive parents after seven years with her sight restored. She’s extremely secretive about how she got her sight back but insists that people call her The OA. Soon she gathers together a group of high schoolers to whom she explains where she’s been and the supernatural forces that she’s experienced; and through the power of jazz hands (or as the shows characters refer to it as “Movements”) and friendship, the once unlikely group put their supposed powers together and save the day!

At the risk of spoiling the first season, it would be sufficed to say, the show played heavily on strange and supernatural things and whether or not those things that happened were real, or if it was all a dreamt up delusion. With The OA getting a second season, it seems there is far more to the story. Will the questions from season one be answered or will it all just lead to more questions? One would hope it’s not the latter. If Batmanglij and Marling pull another LOST like finale, there’s going to me mass table flipping.

The OA Part II arrival date has not yet been confirmed.

Via: TV Line

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