Are you one of the many Marvel fans that has been waiting for years to see Runaways brought to life?  Since it was announced that Hulu would be producing an original show based on the comic book series for the streaming service, eager fans have been patiently awaiting any bit of news on the progress of the production.  The comic book series, which focuses on a group of teens who find out their parents are part of a society of villains, has very loyal fans; fans that will likely be rather vocal when it comes to all aspects of the new Hulu series.  Today, Marvel brings good news to even the most discerning of those fans.  The Pride (which is the name of the aforementioned society of villains) has officially been cast and, as usual, Marvel got it right.

Since the Runaways themselves were cast, fans have been having fun with their own guesses on who may wind up rounding out the rest of the characters.  In searching for the perfect talent, Marvel always takes their time and, for the most part, the actors cast as fan favorite characters are generally right on par with the fans’ imaginations. It appears that The Pride will be no different. Ladies and gentlemen, let us all give a warm welcome to Marvel’s newest baddies, as listed:

Geoffrey Wilder

Ryan Sands as Geoffrey Wilder

Ryan Sands (“Hat Hair,” “The Wire”) as Geoffrey Wilder – is a man defined by the grueling path he’s taken to achieve his self-made success. A hulking presence, Geoffrey can effortlessly shift from approachable father to intimidating strategist with his son Alex.

Catherine Wilder

Angel Parker as Catherine Wilder

Angel Parker (“The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story,” “The Strain”) as Catherine Wilder – a successful lawyer, is deliberate and calculating in both her words and actions. But when it comes to her family, she’s fiercely loyal and a loving mother to her son Alex.

Tina Minoru

Brittany Ishibashi as Tina Minoru

Brittany Ishibashi (“This Is Us,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows”) as Tina Minoru – a perfectionist “tiger mom.” In her professional life, she is a brilliant innovator and ruthless CEO. Emotionally, she is less confident, often shying away from difficult conversations with her daughter Nico and careful to avoid explicit displays of her feelings.

Robert Minoru

James Yaegashi as Robert Minoru

James Yaegashi (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” on Broadway, “Madame Secretary”) as Robert Minoru – a gentle and brilliant beta, the Woz to his wife’s Jobs. Warm and feeling, Robert sometimes struggles with being married to a woman who so forcefully barricades her emotions while caring about Nico.

Dale Yorkes

Kevin Weisman as Dale Yorkes

Kevin Weisman (“Hello Ladies,” “Alias”) as Dale Yorkes – a beardy, dad-core bioengineer. Incredibly science-minded, he has a deep love for his family but oftentimes falls short at knowing the right things to say to Gert.

Stacey Yorkes

Brigid Brannagh as Stacey Yorkes

Brigid Brannagh (“Army Wives,” “True Colors”) as Stacey Yorkes – an absent-minded and professorial bioengineer. Perpetually dawning Birkenstocks and a messy bun, Stacey utilizes a progressive approach to her parenting style to Gert.

Leslie Dean

Annie Wersching as Leslie Dean

Annie Wersching (“Timeless,” “The Vampire Diaries”) as Leslie Dean – a complicated beauty, is a poised and skilled leader. Clear-minded, focused, and charismatic, Leslie draws in devoted allies and followers who are taken by her success and charm, particularly with her daughter Karolina.

Frank Dean

Kip Pardue as Frank Dean

Kip Pardue (“Remember the Titans,” “Ray Donovan”) as Frank Dean – a former teen star who rode a short-lived movie career and is now teeming with insecurity. Floundering in his professional career as an actor, Frank is seeking to renew purpose in his life while being a father to Karolina.

Victor Stein

James Marsters as Victor Stein

James Marsters (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel”) as Victor Stein – an engineering genius who may just save the word from itself. Electric cars, space travel; the military and NASA both look to him for answers. As a father to Chase, Victor has lofty expectations for his son, and when they aren’t met, his retribution can be fierce.

Janet Stein

Ever Carradine as Janet Stein

Ever Carradine (“The Handmaids Tale,” “Goliath”) as Janet Stein – a perfect PTA mom. Harboring a brilliant mind of her own, she has made deep sacrifices for her husband’s world-changing career. Though she hides it for the wellbeing of her son Chase, Janet longs for more from her life.

Together with the previously announced rebellious-but-in-a-good-way teens Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin and Allegra Acosta, the casting for Marvel’s Runaways seems as if Hulu may actually have a much stronger grasp of the superhero genre than originally feared.  Will the series be as dark and gritty as Marvel’s Netflix series’? Let’s hope not but with that cast, there is definitely some hope that this will be an amazing series.  Even producer Jeph Loeb seems to be a bit blown away by the cast:

This cast has come together in ways we couldn’t have imagined and we are thrilled to work with this outstanding group

Runaways co-creator, Brian K. Vaughan, is similarly excited:

‘Marvel’s Runaways’ has enough great actors to support two shows but I love that this project contains multiple generations of incredible talent all in one story.

For those unfamiliar with the property, here is Marvel’s brief description:

Every teenager thinks their parents are evil. What if you found out they actually were? “Marvel’s Runaways” is the story of six diverse teenagers who can barely stand each other but who must unite against a common foe – their parents.

There is absolutely no disputing the fact that Marvel is truly the King of the Comic Book Box Office.  Almost every one of their feature films that has hit the screen since the creation of Marvel Studios has been widely praised and adored (sorry, Incredible Hulk, you can sit this one out) and while they werent the first to create a “shared universe” on film, they are fairly responsible for the coined term.  Their turn on television, however, has been a bit rockier.  Their ABC series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is perpetually on the cusp of cancellation, though this past season has seen a few more eyes in front of screens. Their Netflix series, Daredevil, fared much better during its first season run but audiences seem to have cooled for its second.  Jessica Jones and Luke Cage each have a small following but nothing like the success that Marvel rival DC is seeing in shows such as The Flash and Supergirl.  There is definitely a chance that Hulu’s approach may be just what Marvel Television needs in order to begin its reign on the small screen and Marvel’s Runaways is definitely a property that is fun enough to be a super success, if handled correctly.  Here’s hoping.

How do you like the cast? Who would you like to have seen in the roles?



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