Back in May of 2016, Channel 4 announced that it was partnering with Sony to produce an anthology sci-fi series (a description that is tantalisingly reminiscent of Black Mirror) based on the stories of renowned writer Philip K DickElectric Dreams: The World of Philip K Dick is to due to be split into ten separate parts, with each episode a standalone drama adapted from Dick’s work by a creative team from both the UK and the USA. The series will be written and directed by Ronald D Moore and Michael Dinner, with Bryan Cranston both executive producing and appearing in the show.

The series is designed to explore some of Dick’s more obscure work by bringing his short stories to life in a way that often gets overlooked by adaptations in the form of blockbuster movies. Previously, his work has been in the source material for films including Blade Runner and Minority Report. While these are undeniably crucial to sci fi in movies as much as they are in literature, there remains a lot of brilliant writing left unexplored in their wake.

Dick’s daughter, Isa Dick Hackett, said:

“These short stories represent some of the most dazzling conceptual work of his career, and the fact that they will be adapted by such a diverse set of creative voices is truly an honour.”

In the UK, it will be broadcast on Channel 4, and it has now been announced that Amazon Video has bought the rights from Sony Picture Television to broadcast it in the USA, having already hosted The Man in the High Castle, which was based on Dick’s award-winning novel.

So far, there hasn’t been a lot of information released about the series – which stories will be used in the anthology, for instance, or when it will be released – but with such a hugely talented creative team on board, it’s bound to be worth keeping an eye out for.

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