If you’re still trying to figure out what to do this summer, the answer may have just found it’s way into your lap. Earlier today, Disney announced the opening dates for their newest Super Hero attractions at Disney California Adventure park. The first of, what seems to be a series of attractions, will be a interactive Guardians Of The Galaxy experience. Throughout the summer, Disney will introduce more and more experiences for attendees to try. Get ready, the first of the attractions are set to open only a few weeks after the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

The GOTG adventure will be called “Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout.” According to the report, you and your friends will help Rocket Raccoon break him and his friends out of the Collectors fortress. A very interesting detail is that each experience is supposed to be different. It sounds like there will be a number of scenarios that will be on a playlist for fans to try out. Each time they enter the attraction, it will be a new scenario.

Attendees will also get the chance to experience “Summer Of Heroes.” Throughout the park, you may come across the Guardians. If you’re lucky, Star Lord will be carrying his boom box and may challenge you to a dance-off. In addition to the Guardians, Black Widow will be be riding around a specially-armored vehicle, and people will be able to take part in a mission with her. She’ll also be walking around with Hawkeye where the pair will be testing young trainees to see if they have what it takes to join the Avengers.

Everything is slated to kick off May 27, 2017.

Source: movieweb

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