In case you hadn’t heard, the Twelfth Doctor will be regenerating into the sunset in this year’s Christmas Day Doctor Who annual special. Peter Capaldi has announced his intention to leave the TARDIS, which leaves a pretty big hole in our sci-fi lives, and it begins a pretty big guessing game as fans both hardcore and casual start to place their bets on who might pilot the blue box into further adventures in time and space. Of course, this is England we’re talking about, so there’s actual, literal bets being placed, and for those looking to make the safe bet, there’s a new contender worth looking at…

Tilda Swinton! The gambling firm Ladbrokes is seeing more movement on the possibility of Swinton’s casting as the Thirteenth Doctor, moving from 10-1 odds to 7-2 according to Metro U.K. The English actress is perhaps best known for her most recent role as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange, but she’s done a wide variety of genre movies including Constantine, Snowpiercer, Only Lovers Left Alive, and The Chronicles of Narnia. She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007 for Michael Clayton, and she also a regular player in Wes Anderson’s movies.

But let’s be serious, even if gamblers are liking the chances of Swinton being called as the next Doctor Who, it’s fairly unlikely given Swinton’s film schedule that she’s going to want to tie herself down to a series. What it does speak to though is the increasing likelihood that the next Doctor will not be white male. There’s has long been a call for a gender or racial swap for The Doctor in a future incarnation, and the season 8 reveal of a female Master in Missy played by Michelle Gomez was very popular with fans. (Incidentally, Missy is going to be in the sixth episode of the tenth season according to Gomez’s IMDb page.)

In keep with the theme of betting on the ladies, Ladbrokes is also putting odds on Broadchurch’s Olivia Coleman (5-to-1), co-star of the U.K. version of Shameless Maxine Peake (8-to-1), and Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge (12-to-1) as being the new lady Who. But the guys are still in the mix too. Death In Paradise‘s Kris Marshall (4-to-1), The IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade (10-to-1) and James Bond’s Q Ben Whishaw (10-t0-1) are also said to be in the running according to England’s professional gamblers.

When we will learn who the new Who is? The BBC will likely make an announcement sometime later this year, probably in the summer when the Christmas special goes into production. In the meantime, the tenth season of Doctor Who begins in April on BBC, BBC America and Space.

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