Any show following an hours’ worth of tits, dragons, and war on HBO’s Game of Thrones, would be equivalent to a band following the Beatles. But Silicon Valley did it! A show about techy losers turned out to be the perfect palette cleanser. All it took was TJ Miller screaming “you brought piss to a shit fight” and slapping a swarmy kid across face, and boom, best comedy show ever!

Here we are, now, on the cusp of Silicon Valley Season 4. HBO released a trailer today that promises to continue the show’s satirical take on the ups and downs of the startup world. 

In last season’s finale, the Pied Piper team was in panic over user fraud and Gavin was desperately trying to stash an elephant corpse on the Hooli campus.

In the new trailer for Season 4, Richard wants to quit Pied Piper. His idea? Creating a new kind of internet. Will we see a new Google-type startup rivaling the big bad Hooli?

Silicon Valley Season 4 returns April 23rd.

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