Within two weeks, we will see Hugh Jackman’s final ride as Wolverine in Logan. Jackman has played the titular character since 2000’s X-Men one of the first successful comic book movies that kickstarted our current “superhero cinema” phase. Although Jackman was taller than his comic book counterpart, he has encapsulated the core of the character very well. At the age of 48, he has decided to hang up his claws and Logan will be is final outing. Many critics have already seen the movie at press screenings over the last few weeks.  However, they were barred from saying anything due to a press embargo. Well, that embargo was lifted at 4:30 PM yesterday and now the reviews are flooding in. So how did Logan do?

The results are largely positive! Many are calling Logan Jackman’s finest performance and a perfect sendoff to him and how he has portrayed the character, and the R-Rating helped properly give us the best version of Wolverine we could get. Below are a few reviews.

Yes, the Wolverine movie without ‘Wolverine’ in the title is definitely the best one yet: grown-up, ballsy, character-driven and grounded. It feels right that it should be the last one, but it also feels a bit of a shame. Rating: 4 stars out of 5 –Empire

Logan is in many ways an emotional, heavy picture, but it’s also an uplifting one that reminds us that it’s O.K. to fight for something more, something better. It’s an amazing swan song for the Wolverine character, and for Jackman, and perhaps the best X-Men movie yet. Rating: 9.7 –IGN

Even as the film’s energy drains in the later going, much like Logan’s healing powers, and long after the fight scenes have lapsed into overkill, Jackman makes his superhero the real deal. The actor, who reportedly conceived the basic thrust of the story, takes the ever-conflicted Logan/Wolverine to full-blooded depths, and the result is a far more cohesive and gripping film than his previous collaboration with Mangold, 2013’s The Wolverine. –The Hollywood Reporter

Logan is a unique film. It’s not a game-changer for the X-Men franchise or the superhero genre as a whole. It could really only be done with Jackman signing off and with Mangold being given the authority to really cut loose and present a clear, uncompromised vision. The result is a movie that does have a few faults (like most X-Men movies, it’s a little too long), but overall Logan provides a fond farewell to Jackman and the character he defined for a generation. Rating: A- –Collider

Logan is a brutal yet wonderfully authentic X-Men film that we don’t deserve – The Mary Sue

The movie currently has a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Sure, that could possibly come down as more reviews come over the next week or so. But, it looks like 2017 is starting its first superhero movie with a bang. We’ll be sure to let you know how we feel about the movie soon.

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