Kevin Smith‘s been a busy guy lately. He started working on a Mallrats sequel, and then he turned it into a Mallrats TV show. And then after that he decided to put proverbial pen to paper for Clerks 3, and develop that project as his next film, but soon all that was abandoned for the prospect of a new Jay and Silent Bob project, because it you’re just going through sequelizing the whole View Askewniverse, you might as well get to the point. But what about all that material for Mallrats and Clerks? Well Smith has a plan for that if he gets around to it. Maybe.

On a recent episode of the Smodcast, which listened to, Smith pondered the fate of all that hard work he did for the movies he’s now not going to make. Pulling a Quentin Tarantino, you know when he wasn’t going to make The Hateful Eight, he’s pondering a couple of different options. “Sooner or later, I will put the scripts out there for Clerks 3,” Smith said. “A comic book or something like that, so people can see it. And the same thing for Mallrats. Probably Mallrats 2, the movie script, we’ll do as a comic book or something like that.”

So that’s the unceremonious end of Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2. They will get turned into comic books if Smith feels like taking the time to reformat it and find an artist and everything. Or he might just dump the pdfs on his website or something if he feels like taking the easy way out. Of course, there’s a world of distance between what Smith says and what he ends up doing; we’re still waiting for the last five issues of Daredevil/Bullseye: Target 15 years later after all. Smith has a lot of fans that were looking forward to those projects though, so hopefully we won’t let them down and give them at least some kind of closure. I guess we’ll see…

There’s no word yet on when we might see the Jay and Silent Bob reboot, but we can probably expert to hear a lot about it for the next couple of months before Smith moves on to the next thing.

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