On February 13th, writer and director Jonah Feingold launched a Kickstarter to fund a prequel movie to the Robin Williams classic Hook. It planned to tell the story of Rufio, who had become the leader of the Lost Boys by the time the adult Peter Pan returned to Neverland. It would shed light on a part of his story that was a mystery in the original movie – how he came to Neverland, what qualified him to be in charge, what life might have held for him if he hadn’t become the Pan. The Kickstarter was endorsed by Dante Basco, the actor who played Rufio twenty-five years ago.

The campaign initially asked for $30,000 to make a short film, with a stretch goal of $200,000 to make a feature length movie if the campaign really took off.

Just a week in so far, the Kickstarter campaign has already hit its original goal and shows no sign of losing steam – having already had over $40,000 pledged by eager plans.

Feingold left a comment on the campaign thanking everyone who had already supported and initiating the first steps in making the movie:

“We just wanted to take a second and THANK EVERYONE here for their support on this project. In case you missed it, although you probably didn’t, we, the Hook fans, lit the internet on fire last week. Number 1 spot on Reddit and number 4 spot on Twitter. Insane.

We’re so excited to be able to make this film now. We’re going to be updating some of the information, now that we have hit our first goal, we’re going to swing home (run home Jack) and go for the FEATURE. If we happen to hit that number, anyone who contributed will get a personal copy of the film for free. This is all non-commercial. In the meantime, we are already in PREP for the short! Casting announcements soon (including details on our open casting call).”

Over on Basco’s Facebook page, the two of them released a video answering a few initial questions about copyright and why Hook was such an important movie for everyone involved, as well as dropping a few cheeky hints about what to expect from the project.

Having hit the first goal and with a short film confirmed, the team are now holding out for the $200,000 stretch goal to create a feature length picture.

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