Fan support may have gotten Guillermo del Toro in the door for a Hellboy III meeting, but it was all for naught. Just as quickly as he raised fans hopes, del Torro today dashed those same hopes into a thousand pieces with one tweet.Here’s the tweet:

Well, that sucks donkey… you know the rest. It’s almost cruel, pumping up fans to show support and then just as cruelly shattering those fans with little explanation. He must know that someone is going to ask and that nothing will be final to those same fans he called on to help make this happen.

We get it, it’s all about money in the end. Will it make money? If not then you can forget it. What doesn’t make as much sense is that Hellboy II made double it’s budget worldwide. $82 million budget brings in $160 million worldwide… how is that not profitable enough to open the door for a third? Let’s not forget that a third movie would lead to a trilogy boxed set that would spike DVD/Bluray sales. The fans are there just waiting to give you their money.

Perhaps someday we’ll get a more detailed reason the Hellboy III boat sank before it left the dock.

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