The ongoing LMD story-line in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is finally coming to an end leaving fans of the show asking what’s next? Well, not wanting to disappoint, ABC’s hit Marvel property teased the return of a fan-favorite original cast member everyone thought would never be seen again! Of course, this being a comic book-based television show, nobody really stays dead or lost in another reality forever. Thanks to Marvel’s use of creative writing, it looks like “you know who” will be making a return to the show when it kicks off its upcoming Agents of Hydra arc. Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

The one and only Grant Ward, played by Brett Dalton (Robot Chicken, Until Dawn, and The Resurrection of Gavin Stone) will be making his return to the show (Not his first return, but that’s ok). Ward originally kicked off the series as an agent of SHIELD who taught Daisy (Then called Sky), played by Chloe Bennet (Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Nostradamus, and Nashville) how to be a member of a team. Then, he turned on everyone and his character completely flip-flopped! He was an agent of HYDRA all along and he was not shy about killing off his former partners.

He later returned to the series as yet another villain, this time in the form of Hive, the original Inhuman who had been trapped on a faraway planet until he was brought back to Earth to raise hell and cause problems for our favorite agents. This newest return of the character appears to be entirely virtual. The LMD story-line introduced “The Framework,” a virtual world that people can enter into Matrix-style… whether they want to or not.

In the episode that aired on 21 February (The last before we finally see a return in April), Daisy enters the Framework to help find and rescue her friends only to learn that she is dating none other than her former beaux, Grant Ward. This shocking revelation plays out on her face as well as the audience’s who now know that Ward is finally coming back!

Executive Producer, Jed Whedon (Dollhouse, Ancestors, and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena) commented to EW about bringing him back:

“We figured when you get dropped into an alternate reality, what better way to show that it might not be everything you imagined than the return of one of our most loved and most hated characters. Also, we wanted to have Brett back. We missed him.”
Fans missed him too and are excited for the return of Agents of SHIELD as well as one of their favorite characters.

Here’s the promo for the upcoming episode featuring the return of Ward:

The new story arc kicks off on April 4th on ABC.

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