Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games. Well, it’s all fun and games until the gorillas become sentient and want to take over the world. This week’s episdode of The Flash finally takes fans to Gorilla City. Ever since Grodd was sent to Earth-2 audiences knew it was only a matter of time when Grodd would make his way back into the picture. Fingers and toes were especially crossed in hopes that Gorilla City would somehow get thrown into the mix. That time has finally come. Titled, “Attack On Gorilla City,” sends Barry and friends to Earth-2 in search of it’s version of Wells. What else will they find is a whole other mystery. Warning: There will most likely be spoilers inside.

After making their way to Earth-2, The Flash, Caitlin, Cisco, and Juilian are all captured. When they awake, they find themselves caught within cages and within some kind of dampening field which prevents them from using their powers. Wells, enters the room under the control of Grodd and spells out why everything is happening. As it turns out, there is a power struggle in Gorilla City and Grodd needs their help to take over.

According to Grodd, he needs The Flash to kill the current Gorilla City leader, Solovar. Of course, Barry refuses to take anyone’s life, but Grodd insists that if he doesn’t, Solovar will take Gorilla City and try to take over Earth-1. When asked why he was doing what he was doing, Grodd says it’s because he still holds Central City close to him because of his connection to Dr. Snow. Eventually, Solovar comes to pay them a visit. However, he is under the impression that humans had infiltrated Gorilla City. He then threatens The Flash and his friends. To save them, Barry agrees to fight Solovar in an arena in exchange for their release. Solovar agrees, but says that if he loses, he will cause everyone a horrible death.

The Flash and Solovar face off in the arena. Barry’s first two attempts to subdue the leader of Gorilla City fails. On his third attempt, though, Barry manages to knock out Solovar. Instead of killing him, though, Barry shows mercy in an effort to convince the inhabitants of the city to not hate humans. Barry is knocked out and taken back to this cell. When he wakes up Grodd informs the team that the since Solovar was defeated, he has become the new leader of Gorilla City. Not only that, but he had tricked The Flash and everyone else into thinking that he wouldn’t attack Central City. Now with the entire gorilla nation behind him, Grodd can carry out his original plan. All of this was because he wanted to enact revenge on The Flash for casting him off to Earth-2. Grodd needs one last thing. He needs Cisco to open the portal.

Being the hero that he is, Cisco says he is willing to die in order to save the people of Earth-1. Of course, Barry is having none of that. Cisco’s willingness to sacrifice himself does help Barry come up with a plan to escape. He has Caitlin freeze him enough to convince Grodd that he has died. Thinking Barry is now dead, Grodd drags his body out of the cell and throws him into a pile of bones just outside of the cages. Barry shakes shakes the cold and he and the gang make it back to Earth-1. The episode ends with Grodd addressing Gorilla City about always having a backup plan and the camera pans around showing Gypsy standing in front of Grodd and the other gorillas.

Not a bad start to the two-part story line. However, something needs to be addressed right away. If Caitlin had her powers the entire time, why did it take so long for them to get out of their cells? Couldn’t she have just frozen the bars and then shattered them? The dampening field seemed to be only aimed at stopping Barry and Cisco’s powers, but Grodd was unaware of Caitlin’s.

For now, you’ll just have to overlook it. Other than that, this week’s episode was pretty straight forward in telling it’s story. There was a problem, they traveled to Earth-2 to solve the problem, and then they came back. There weren’t too many twists or turns. While those twists and turns can sometimes be very fun to watch unravel, not having them allowed for more content.

Visually, this week’s episode is up there with some of the best visual episodes of the series (if there are any at this point). Gorilla City, especially the arena, were really great to see as far as something on the CW is concerned. It makes you wonder what else is out there in the multiverse and what other exciting things may be in the future of the visual team.

There isn’t much to say this week considering it’s two part episode. The ending did bring up a lot of question that will hopefully be answered next week. The big question has to be how Gypsy landed on Earth-2!

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s episode.

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