Joe Carnahan is a reliable fellow. Movies like Narc, The Grey and even his underrated A-Team remake have cast him as a dependable and interesting action filmmaker, and that’s why he’s probably so busy these days. He’s directing the upcoming third Bad Boys movie Bad Boys for Life, he’s writing the script for the video game movie Uncharted, and recently he was revealed to be working on a remake of The Raid: Redemption with Frank Grillo. But now he’s going to squeeze in one more project on top of all that, and it’s a long-awaited and very anticipated X-Men spin-off.

Collider is reporting that Carnahan is going to write the screenplay for X-Force. That’s write only, not write and direct. Nothing is confirmed but Carnahan is the latest a long line of X-Force developments that began with Never Back Down and Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow being hired to write and direct the film several years ago. The most recent news was that X-Force would be introduced in Deadpool 3, following up on Deadpool 2, which will bring traditional X-Force members Cable and Domino into the franchise. Whether or not that will still come about is still uncertain seeing as how Deadpool 2 hasn’t even gone into production yet, nor is it certain where Carnahan might fit this into his busy schedule.

X-Force follows the adventures of a group of mutant heroes who are more proactive in their reaction to threats to mutantkind when Cable, a soldier from the future, takes a group of Xavier’s students and turns them into a paramilitary insurgent group. In later incarnations, X-Force is recast as a black ops subgroup of the main X-Men, overseen by Cyclops, who do the dirty missions that can’t be resolved through the means and ideals taught at Xavier’s School. What form the movie X-Force will take is still to be determined as well.

X-Force is one of several X-Men projects presently in development including a new main series movie called Supernova, a New Mutants movie from Josh Boone, the upcoming Deadpool sequel, and an X-Men inspired TV series about a mutant family on the run on Fox. Logan will be hitting your multiplex on March 3, and Legion currently airs every Wednesday night on FX. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest developments with the project.

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