What Brie Larson Thinks about Captain Marvel

With so many superhero movies coming out nowadays it can be hard to keep track of them all (especially now with the DCEU, there’ll be twice as many). Critics of the subgenre say that all the films are the same and replay essentially the same plotline and story points over and over. While there is something to be said about originality in an area where there are a lot of similar stories, not all superhero films are created equal. Some are better known, some aren’t, and so far Marvel has been fairly successful at pulling stories from its drawer of lesser knowns and not only making money off of them,  but making them relevant and necessary to their shared universe. One of those lesser known Marvel characters that has yet to make her debut is Captain Marvel herself. 

Captain Marvel is special for a lot of reasons. Like many superheroes, Captain Marvel has taken many forms over the years, jumping back and forth between being a man and woman, being an alien or human, but the version the film will focus on will be the Carol Danvers depiction. Danvers is a fusion of alien and human genes, which is likely to be important in the upcoming war with Thanos, as she would be one of the few Avengers who is comfortable maneuvering in space. She originated as an air force pilot who suffered an accident which merged her DNA with that of Kree alien, providing her with the powers of super strength, durability, the ability to fly, the ability to resist toxins, a sixth sense, and the ability to absorb and manipulate energy (especially star energy).

But mostly, Captain Marvel is important because of what she represents: feminine strength. Her film will be the first Marvel film to be focused on a female (coming nearly two years after DC’s Wonder Woman, and a year after Gotham City Sirens). With all their success and slew of films, Marvel has yet to release one about a female. So it makes sense that Marvel has received a lot of criticism for their lack of female centric films, especially since they have such a great character in Black Widow. It seems like they are finally getting the message, even if a Black Widow film may or may not ever happen (though it should). Captain Marvel has often been called the strongest female superhero, so it makes sense that she would be the first female solo film from Marvel.

Brie Larson spoke to IGN recently about her Marvel character.


I can’t say anything… I feel like this is a big conversation and every day I have people yelling at me on Twitter like you better have long hair, or you better have a mohawk, or you better wear the helmet, or you better not wear the helmet, so someone’s going to be mad.

The costume is a tricky situation, Captain Marvel has had numerous costume designs and looks over the years, so either way they go, someone is going to be upset. You’d need a whole series of Captain Marvel movies just to get through all her different phases!


I find it’s really hard for me to condense what she means to me. I was once a young girl and I was confused by what a hero was and what I wanted to be when I grow up and what was important to me. And so, I think it’s so complicated growing up and to attempt to become a symbol of truth and navigating through all the weird questions of growing up feels so, I’m getting emotional just talking about this, it feels so important to me. When it comes to her, I mean just the fact that she can be a bridge between two worlds, that she can go between Earth and space and that her own personal place is in this little area between where Earth ends and space begins and that’s only hers is so moving to me. I’m just inspired. I’ve been so inspired going through the comics and reading them right now. That’s what I’ve been doing on the side.”

We still have a long way to go before Captain Marvel hits theaters in 2019, but fans will get to see her in Avengers: Infinity War so cut down the wait time. The film currently has no director, but is being written by Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out).

So far, Captain Marvel is the only film Marvel has announced with a female lead (unless you count Ant Man and the Wasp, which technically is a co-lead). They’re making steps in the right direction with female representation, but they still have a long way to go.

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