If you’d told us a few years ago that the thing that would re-ignite fan interest in the Batman cinematic saga would feature a protagonist made of LEGO, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. Still, these are strange times that we live in and now that the bad taste of Batman Vs. Superman has been washed from our mouths, it’s time to get excited to go back to Gotham again. With the news that DC Films will be adding a standalone Nightwing Movie to the mix, that excitement has only grown. The only question is: who will play Dick Grayson? We may be inching closer to the answer, as a fan favourite has just dropped a possible hint in the Twitterverse.

Jared Padalecki, Star of Supernatural has been being eyed by fans for the role for quite a long time now. Although other actors such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Steven R. McQueen have occasionally vied with him for the top spot on fan polls, His latest Twitter announcement makes him the first star to express an interest in playing the lead Nightwing role.

Padalecki isn’t the only Supernatural star that fans foresaw donning the black and blue spandex. Both he and Co-star Jensen Ackles have long been topping fan polls of preferred leads for the Nightwing movie. On being asked on twitter whether he would be interested in playing the role, Padalecki replied: “I’ve always wanted to..”

Look at that! Two dots! It’s basically a done deal.

Well, not exactly. There are many stars on Twitter who have gone so far as to actively petition major studios to give them leading roles, without success. Padalecki’s vague response isn’t anywhere near a guarantee of seeing him take on Dick Grayson in the upcoming movie, but that hasn’t stopped his fans from making some rather impressive pre-emptive artwork:

So could he do it? Well, he certainly has the support of a huge fan base behind him, and it wouldn’t surprise us at all to see him end up landing the role. For an audition he only needs to point the powers that be at his ten-year stint on Supernatural, seeing off paranormal villains. He’s punched more than enough monsters in the face while making quips to prove that he’s got what it takes. He’s also more than used to playing part of a duo, appearing alongside his on-screen brother Jensen Ackles on Supernatural, who mind you, was once in the running the play Captain America. Come on, at least one of the Winchesters needs to be a super hero.

So he’s got the acting chops, the karate chops and he’s not too bad with the one-liners, meaning that he could possibly bring a light-hearted touch to proceedings, something the po-faced DC Cinematic universe is in dire need of.


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