With the pending release of Logan this Friday, you know what that means: just two more months until the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2!!! Under the theory that no news about Guardians of the Galaxy is bad news, we’ve received a couple of tantalizing hints of what to expect in the very near future about Marvel Studios‘ latest space opus. One has been a long-term compelling mystery about one of the film’s central characters, and the other is a fresh look at everyone’s favourite favourite space-faring crew of A-holes as they get into another improbable adventure to save the galaxy. 

First things first though. Prepare to swoon at the sight of Kurt Russell as Ego the Living Planet, in human form. You’ve likely seen the images of the toy based on the character, but this is how Russell looks IRL (In Real Life) looks as Ego… In toy packaging form. The spy pic comes courtesy of a Reddit feed (via /Film), and it makes Ego, in humanoid form anyway, look like the most interesting man in the universe. (Stay thirsty, my friends.)

You really can believe that Star-Lord’s mom would get with that, am I right? Star-Lord’s quest to find his father is one of the main plot points in the upcoming sequel. Another plot point, apparently, is that Drax slurps his soup. At least that’s what we’re meant to believe from this new teaser for the next, all-new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy that will drop sometime tomorrow! Here’s the teaser via Marvel Studios’ Twitter account (and via Bleeding Cool).

No coincidentally, Doctor Strange also magically appears on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, so it appears that Tuesday is going to be a good Marvel day. Reminder though, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will not be in theatres everywhere until May 5.

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