This year’s Oscars have given Hollywood’s global audience a lot to talk about. Between a film about a gay man of colour being awarded Best Picture and the total gaffe that occurred when it was presented, it’s safe to say that movie buffs are going to be talking about this year’s ceremony for quite a bit. But though the 89th Academy Awards are barely over and still very much in public discussion, there are some people already looking ahead to the potential nominees and winners of the future.

Equipped with exclusive knowledge about the next Star Wars movie, J J Abrams has already offered up his prediction that it will do well in terms of awards once it’s finally released. He has, specifically, one actor in mind who he thinks will particularly impress the Academy.

In an interview with NY Daily News, he had nothing but glowing things to say about the new movie and its exploration of Mark Hamill‘s much wiser, much more mature Luke Skywalker:

“I think we are all going to be very upset if he does not win an Oscar, and no one more upset than Mark.”

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a Star Wars movie was acknowledged by the Academy, with multiple awards having been bestowed upon the series throughout the course of its many film and plenty more nominations on top of its wins. Given the mystery that the last movie left fans pondering, with Luke’s sudden reappearance following a long and ominous absence from the heart of the action, it makes sense to assume that the Jedi will play a significant role in the next instalment.

Though Abrams didn’t go into detail, his singling out of Mark Hamill as someone to look out for could be an indication that the real meat of The Last Jedi will revolve around Luke.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due for release on December 15th 2017.

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