Long live the King! After years of toiling on the railroad on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, actor Anson Mount finally finds a role worthy of an actor looking to play a king, and following up on the recent announcement that Game of Throne’s Iwan Rheon was going to play another backstabbing scoundrel in the form of Maximus, comes word that Mount will play his TV brother, Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. The upcoming ABC series based on the Marvel Comic will feature the Inhuman royal family, the ruler of which has the super-power to destroy entire cities just by whispering a single word. This guy, you don’t want to mess with.

And that’s probably why Marvel Studios has cast Mount, who’s had a long, varied career playing the strong, silent type in series like The Mountain and Line of Fire, as well as movies like Straw DogsSafeNon-Stop, and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. “Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently,” said Jeph Loeb, the Head of Marvel Television in a press release. “His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing, almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”

“Black Bolt is a character whose deep complexity must be conveyed without uttering a single word, and I’m very excited to have Anson on board to bring him to life,” added Scott Buck, the executive producer and showrunner of Inhumans.

Admiral and The Lost Tribe director Roel Reiné will be directing the first two episodes of the Inhuman series, which, in an unusual move, will be released in IMAX theatres across the country for two weeks in advanced of the series ABC premiere. The Inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for the Fantastic Four in 1965, and are a group of super-humans whose alien DNA is activated with exposure to something called the Terrigen Mist, which gives them super-powers. The Inhumans have been a part of the mythology on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for the last couple of seasons.

Inhumans premieres in IMAX theatres and then on ABC sometime this fall. Until then, we eagerly await casting news on the rest of the Inhumans Royal Family, and we will bring you that news as it becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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