Love is in the air at STAR Labs. Okay, so it’s not really love, but Wells has planned the perfect friends day, and to make things even more special, Grodd has shown up with thousands of his best friends. On this week’s episode of The Flash, “Attack On Central City,” the show continues the story from last week. Always thinking ahead, Grodd makes his way to Earth-1 to try and take over Central City and it’s inhabitants. Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

To celebrate their successful rescue of Wells from the hands of Grodd, HR decorates the speed lab in honor of Friendship Day – his Earth’s version of Valentine’s Day. Speaking of couples, Wally and Jesse take this time to finally tell Wells of Jesse’s intent to stay on Earth-1 in order to date Wally. Surprisingly, Wells is okay with it, but it turns out his approval is due to the fact that he was told he was dying from some ailment. Meanwhile, Gypsy warps in out of nowhere and attacks Cisco. She aims her powers at Barry only to be taken down by Wells.

When she finally regains consciousness, she’s completely unaware of what she’s done. As she begins to recall her last steps, she was on Earth-2, deep within the African Jungle. And that’s when the team realizes Grodd had taken control of her. Not only did he force her to attack The Flash, but he had her open a breach so that he and his gorilla army could travel to Earth-1. After a quick team meeting, Cisco tries to convince Gypsy to help the team, but she says she doesn’t want any part of it. As a show of good faith, Cisco let’s her return to her Earth. Wells and Wally work on configuring Cisco’s gear to allow him to vibe a wider spectrum in order to find out where Grodd is.

After getting a location on Grodd, Joe and the CCPD along with Jesse, Wally, and Barry wait for their arrival. Grodd never shows, but takes control of Joe. He nearly kills Joe, but Barry proves he’s faster than a speeding bullet at point blank range. Back at the lab, they realize that Grodd’s mind control leaves traces of his memories. The team then uses Joe to tap into those memories to see what Grodd plan is. They discover that he’s taken control of a General who has access to missiles and plans to use them to attack Central City. The Flash races off to find them. When he does, he begins inputting code after code after code. With almost 90,000 possible combinations, things begin to look grim. But this is The Flash, and he succeeds at the very last moment.

The final confrontation is at hand, and throughout the episode, Barry has contemplated killing Grodd. However, killing Grodd means that Barry can never come back from a dark place. However, he has a plan that is sure to work and it doesn’t involve taking a life. The speedsters confront the gorillas and Grodd. After a few punches are thrown, Cisco shows up to the fight, along with Gypsy and a special guest – Solovar. The great white ape challenges Grodd for control of his gorillas. After an epic battle, Solovar defeats Grodd. Right before he is about to kill Grodd, Barry cries for mercy upon him from Solovar. In exchange, Grodd will stay on Earth-1. Solovar agrees and returns with the rest of the apes.

By the end of the episode, it turns out that Wells isn’t really dying. He is, though, willing to say anything to keep Jesse from moving to Earth-1. Meanwhile, Grodd is being held by Argus. Back at the Allen residence, Barry finally proposes to Iris, but the audience is left to wait for an answer. The last moments of the episode with Wally running to get Jesse a burger but runs into Savitar.

What should have been a really good episode felt more like a dud. This was it, a showdown between The Flash and Grodd. Granted, Grodd is one of those villains who will always try to outsmart you, his attempts at outsmarting Team Flash weren’t very spectacular. Alright, maybe in the grand scheme of things, arming a bunch of military grade missiles at Central City is a big deal, but it didn’t look like one. And, last second saves are so cliché that they’ve lost their feeling.

Thankfully the show has establish quite the ensemble, and there are other characters to fall back on if one isn’t picking up their weight. With that being said, this was a great episode for Cisco. He plays the nerd role really well, that when he makes the moves on the ladies, it comes off as a big surprise some times. Early in the series, his relationship with Lisa Snart was big highlight whenever it was on screen. His latest back and forth with Gypsy may be even better to watch. And the reaction that Wally and Jesse made when she kissed Cisco basically mirrored the reaction audiences at home made. Way to go Cisco.

Now that Grodd is safe and sound and back on Earth-1, there’s no doubt he’ll pop his big head into the picture again. But when his name was mentioned along with King Shark. The idea of those two teaming up made at least one person excited about the future of this show. Anyone else? Finally, there was one more redeeming factor for this week’s episode, and that was seeing Barry struggle with the idea of taking a life to save the city. The struggle was definitely real, but it was nice hearing the perspective of those always around him.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for an all-new episode next week.

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