Avengers Infinity War Budget Is Out Of This Galaxy!

“You Have To Spend Money To Make Money.”

Most big studio blockbuster movies nowadays have grand budgets anyways. After all, our demand for big action, big special effects, and famous faces are the reason many of us are quite content with shelling out our hard earned $15 to go see our favorite movies. The movie studios know they stand to make substantial returns on their investments, so they have no problem greenlighting movies for hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars if they know they can make a killing on the back end. In addition to ticket sales, there’s Blu-Ray releases, streaming rights, and corporate sponsorships (toys, happy meals, etc) that ensure they make lots and lots of money off their films. Superhero movies are no stranger to this concept as they are now the most profitable movies currently out. Currently, the mother of all superhero movie, Avengers: Infinity War and its Untitled Sequel are currently in productions, and they have one hell of o budget.

During the African American Critics Association luncheon, Pinewood Atlanta Studios (the studio where all of Marvel movies are being made) co-owner Dan Cathy revealed that they currently have a movie in production with an astounding budget.

“We now have on the lot down there now the largest film production ever with a $1 billion budget.”

That’s right, $1 billion dollars! That’s Doctor Evil money right there! While Avengers Infinity War was not specifically named, the other Marvel movie Pinewood is filming right now is Black Panther, which has the rumored usual Marvel budget of between $150-$250 million (which will make it the largest budget for a predominately black cast ever, but is still “small potatoes” compared to $1 billion), so they aren’t talking about that movie.

The current record holder budget-wise is James Cameron’s Avatar, which had a budget of $425 million. Most Marvel movies previously have cost between $200-250 million each, which would make the upcoming Avengers sequels the biggest Marvel movie budget, and is now the biggest budget ever. Given the special effects, cumulating all the Phase 1-3 casts members into one movie, it seems like this will be worth the money.

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