Jared Leto has enjoyed a lot of infamy for the way he supposedly acted on the Suicide Squad set, going to bizarre levels of method acting by sending used condoms, dead rats and other disgusting bric-a-brac to castmates. But if the following news is true, it makes you wonder how he’ll get into character for a reboot of TRON. Will he be gifting old Atari joysticks? A Walkman with a broken rewind button, perhaps? Who can say with a weirdo like Leto, but one thing’s for sure, if the rumours are true and Disney‘s working on a new TRON with him at the centre, the people are going to have some strong feelings about it. 

Broken via The Hollywood Reporter, sources say that Leto is “circling” a new production that is being described more as a “reboot” than a “direct sequel”. The last time anyone said anything about TRON, it was when the potential third film in the series was apparently shutdown after years of fits and starts in 2015. But since franchises never die per se, it seems that Disney’s keen on getting TRONed once more with Leto at the centre as a new character called Ares, who was supposedly a key figure in the script for the cancelled TRON 3. The Reporter adds that no writer has been brought on the project yet, but the new script will borrow from the elements abandoned in the previous drafts of the third film.

TRON was released in 1982 and starred Jeff Bridges as a software engineer that finds himself downloaded into a mainframe where he can interact with programs like they’re people, and where as a user he can control the world called the Grid. The movie was not a huge hit, but it did garner a cult following. In 2010, a sequel called TRON Legacy was released featuring Bridges and co-starring Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, but it was not the crossover hit that Disney was hoping it would be. Will the third time do the trick? Stay tuned…

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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