In a secret that lasted all of 5 minutes, the cat is now out of the bag. Or should we say, Deadpool is out of the bag? There had been some rumblings indicating Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool crew were shooting a short Deadpool 2 trailer that was supposed to run after the credits in Logan. It turns that report was slightly inaccurate. The scene Reynolds shot actually plays right before Logan starts, as a hilarious introduction for the final Wolverine movie. Now, of course, not a hot second later, it has made its way to the web. Since FOX doesn’t want to waste its time battling all the site posting butt cam cell phone footage, they’ve gone and released it officially.

We see Reynolds as Wade Wilson witnessing a mugging on the street, at which point he rushes off to the nearest phone booth to change into his Deadpool outfit just like Superman would. However, Wilson is really having a hard time getting his suit on, and he spends about a minute inside the booth, struggling to get the costume on. Just as he finishes getting his gear on, he hears a gun going off and it’s too late to save poor fella. Deadpool proceeds to break the fourth wall, say some silly things, and eat the guys ice cream which otherwise would have gone to waste.

As for Deadpool 2? It’s “coming… not soon enough,” the teaser says. Here’s the teaser:

The short was directed by John Wick co-director David Leitcr, who will be helming Deadpool 2.  The comedy is clearly all Ryan Reynolds but the shots, the filter, the dilapidated city… that’s all Leiter. Helps paint a picture of what Deadpool 2 might look like in the hand of Leiter, who has taken the reigns from ex-director Tim Miller. Looking good!

Deadpool 2 hasn’t even started filming yet but is currently set for a March 2, 2018 release date.


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