You’ve probably seen the gritty super soldier in action on the pages of old Valiant Comics. Splattering blood, flashing guns, and a big red circle on his chest are what truly make Bloodshot one totally awesome comic book character. However, unlike the countless superhero films being released this year, Bloodshot is not the most familiar household name on the market and this is exactly what the valiant efforts of Valiant hope to conquer. 

After hinting at a Bloodshot film for some time now, the confirmation was recently addressed and, in turn, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, the directors of John Wick, were chosen to direct yet another film about a BA taking on the ones who’ve wronged him. Although many individuals felt this decision was a smart one for the crew involved in the production of Bloodshot, a small slip up at ECCC this year by Valiant Comics writer Eric Heisserer and Valiant Entertainment CEO Dinesh Shamdasani, shared news that the two directors would be replaced by another director they felt fit the part more.

Who is this director, you might ask? His name is Dave Wilson and, although you might not know his name, you definitely know his work. From partnering with Deadpool’s director, Tim Miller, at Blur Studios all the way to being one of the leading directors in the special effects and video game commercials of Halo, Star Wars, and Titanfall 2, it’s safe to say this guy gets around and is probably a better pick to direct this film (although it would be cool to see a little judo here and there from the John Wick guys).
Although not much has been stated on the plot, cast, or release date regarding the film, Bloodshot fans are ecstatic knowing a true nerd is taking control of their beloved film. For now, what we know is that the film is leaning towards creating a Harbinger War feature film rather than splitting up the Bloodshot and Harbinger franchises and that it is said to contain all of the glorious characters that made this rather unknown comic brand so popular and continuously selling comics ever since its re-release in 2012. Although it may take years for the film to finally hit the box offices, we can rest assured knowing it is most certainly in good hands and that this unique superhero will get the credit he so rightfully deserves in the first place. Besides, who doesn’t love the idea of being full of tiny nanites and having no idea who you are as you shoot half the town down to get answers?

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