Everyone who loves the gritty, dark, and demented world of Spawn knows the 1997 Spawn movie wasn’t the best. Although it had its moments, true Spawn fans expected even grittier and darker and weren’t all that pleased with the John Leguizamo rendition of Clown either (he did his best, guys). Now, Todd McFarlane himself claims that the new reboot of the Spawn movie will definitely hold true to its original grit and give fans that dark, warped world they so desperately wanted all along.

In fact, when discussing the reboot, McFarlane stated,

“Listen, I’m going to paint it for you. The movie is going to be a dark R…If here’s PG-13 and here’s Deadpool and here’s Logan, we’re going to be here…it’s going to be dark, it’s going to be nasty.”

For fans of the antihero and all his glory, this means that the reboot will at last hold true to the comics and perhaps we will see a Clown and a Violator worth the story and the love of its die-hard fans.

With more and more dark superhero films being remade or filmed at last, this is truly the perfect time for a reboot and it’s no wonder why people are excited. After movies like Deadpool and Logan have received nothing but positive feedback and talk of remakes and filming of some of the other raunchy comics and characters has been underway, Spawn may finally be able to grace an era of movie-goers that truly understand its humor and dark plot.

Furthermore, McFarlane is well aware of the risks involved in creating the film for studios. Therefore, he has openly stated that he will be using a much smaller budget this time around and letting the story speak for itself. Due to this, we may see some big names jumping on the film as it really won’t harm them either way but could lead to another raunchy franchise the likes of Deadpool in return. On top of this, McFarlane wants to direct the film himself and, although this may not resonate well with a few of the big studios out there, this is exactly what the Spawn plot needs to ensure that it stay cohesive and follows the actual comics in a tried and true way. With the script finished and fans getting pretty pumped about the new Spawn movie, keeping true to the comics is the only way this reboot will attain the glory it so rightfully deserves.

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, McFarlane explained why he made these decisions and how he hopes it will positively affect the movie’s outcome:

I’ve been living with the idea for so long that I wanted to direct it, but I knew that if I gave it to Hollywood and they spent a lot of money on it then just from a practical point of view, it wouldn’t be fair for me to then say ‘I want to direct.’ It’s not good business to spend $80 million on movie and then give it to somebody who’s not known for directing movies — but if you can make a movie for $10 million, they’ll get a lot of less experienced directors to do those movies. So I knew I needed to keep the story and the budget both tight so that when I go to Hollywood and I say ‘I have to direct it, that’s not even a negotiation, so if you can’t accept that, then the conversation is over quickly,’ then once they understand the scope and size and budget of it, they’re like ‘Oh, okay. It’s not like Todd’s coming in here asking for $100 million and then saying let me direct my first movie. He’s saying ‘Give me $10 million to make a little horror movie and let’s see if we can scare some people. We’ve done that tons of times.”

With a small budget and a fanbase of millions worldwide, there is no doubt that this Spawn reboot will finally be successful and, although McFarlane and his fans were not fond of the 1997 live-action Spawn film, with a director that actually understands the character (I mean he created him, so…) and a studio that is willing to give him the creative freedom to make a film worth the plot, Spawn fans may finally be able to enjoy a movie that holds true to the nasty, demented, and dark world that is Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.

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