FOX has won big recently with two slam dunks, Deadpool and now Logan, both of which are rated R. The R rating marks a heavy departure from past superhero films, allowing for a more mature shift in tone, something which audiences are clearly hungry for. So with the success of these films, it is only natural to ask whether other studios will follow suit and release R rated superhero films as well. DC has hinted they might be interested. 

According to a DC source at The Wrap, they would be interested in doing an R rated film, if it was the right character and if it was right for the story.

“One hundred percent yes,” they concluded “With the right character(s).”

FOX  has recently announced two more films that will be rated R, Deadpool 2 and X-Force. This makes sense considering the success they’ve had so far. Why stop a good thing?

Warner Brothers has already dipped their toes into R rated territory with the R rated DVD release of Batman V. Superman, which seemed to pay off for them and made fans happy. They also released The Killing Joke, an R rated cartoon film about the Joker. The film was criticized not for being rated R, but for the script being sub par. Clearly they are testing their fan-base. And now it seems they are ready to consider an R release.

But what DC characters would fit the mature rating? Many fans would probably love an R rated Batman film, as he is already a dark character. A possible Suicide Squad sequel might work, as it’s a movie of villains. Gotham City Sirens maybe? Another villain (all-female) filled film. One character that DC has announced is planning to join their universe is Lobo, a violent, crude villain who would certainly fit into an R rated film.

DC has been trying to separate their films from Marvel by making them darker and grittier. So an R rated film would make sense and further separate the two competitors. But what about Marvel? Could Marvel add an R rated film into the mix. Right now there are no plans, and Marvel is owned by Disney, a company which, exclusively with Marvel, has never made an R rated film, so it would be totally new territory for them.

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