It’s been a while, but this was a tough week for Team Flash. On this week’s episode, titled, “The Wrath Of Savitar,” it’s finally revealed what’s been happening to Wally since he started seeing visions of Savitar. It seemed like Barry had finally defeated him when he through the Philosopher’s stone into the Speed Force, but it looks like it may have only done more damage than good. Things may look pretty grim on The Flash, but once you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s only one place to go – up. Warning: there will definitely be spoilers inside.

When the episode begins, it’s been about a week since Wally’s run in with Savitar, but to everyone else, it’s just another Tuesday. Meanwhile, Barry and Iris break the news to the rest of the team and Joe about their engagement, but something defintiely seems out of place. After congratulating his daughter and Barry about the good news, he pulls Barry aside and asks why he never asked him for permission. Barry blamed it on spontaneity. The two are interrupted when a fire breaks out at a near by office building. Barry and Wally race off to save the day, but on the way Wally runs into Savitar. Barry witnesses the whole thing. Back at the lab, the truth finally come out and Barry and Wally argue with each other.

In a desperate move, the team asks Julian to allow them to reach out to Savitar. Being extremely reluctant, he refuses, but gives in after some convincing from Caitlin. When they finally reach him, Savitar reveals that he has a way to escape the place where Barry trapped him. The team realizes that the stone may still exist even though Barry through it into the Speed Force.

In the speed lab, HR and Wally continue to train, but something is holding Wallace back and slowing him down. He realizes it’s fear. If only he knew exactly what was going to happen that night, he might have a better chance at saving Iris. That’s when he comes up with the plan to have Cisco vibe him to that night so he can finally see for himself what occurs. After having seen his sister killed in a possible future, he races to her side. It’s then when he and Cisco realize something important. Iris had no ring on her hand. Wally then runs to confront Barry who is in the lab with Iris and some of the team. Barry comes forward with the truth and confesses he proposed to Iris because he saw the same thing in the vision. Marrying Iris was part of the plan to save her life.

That’s not the only bad news. Caitlin finally comes forward to having a piece of the Philosopher’s stone. Disappointed, Barry decides to move on and asks Julian for his help again, but this time it’s to track down Savitar. Unfortunately, their attempt fails to pinpoint his location. Barry heads back home where he and Iris discuss their future. That’s when Barry figures out where Savitar is – within the Speed Force. And with him is most of the Philosopher’s stone that Barry disposed of. Luckily, Savitar can’t escape since a piece of the stone is missing. Well, that was until Wally had another episode and stole the piece. Thinking he was saving the team, Wally throws the piece into the Speed Force. He’s then sucked into the Speed Force and Savitar comes out. He and Barry fight leaving Barry with a serious injury and a piece of Savitar’s weapon sticking out of his shoulder. When he wakes up he vows to get Wally back to a distraught Joe. The team disperses to try to recover from the recent events. As Iris walks away, Barry notices she’s taken off her engagement ring.

These rock bottom episodes are some of the best episodes of the series. You tend to forget how vulnerable Super Heroes can be seeing them save the day, every day. So when episodes like this come along, which portray them at their weakest, it’s special. It humanizes them and allows them to be relatable. At this point, it’s become a cliché, but watching a group like this find a way to redeem themselves and do it is why people tune in.

Another special quality about this week’s episode is that there wasn’t one character who stood out. Each one had a part to play, and they each played them well. From Julian’s struggle with his past, to Cisco taking a more commanding lead when it comes to his powers, and even to HR who (when singled out by Savitar) has found a place among friends when he couldn’t even do so on his own Earth.

Beyond the acting, this week’s episode featured wonderful visuals. In particular, the fight between The Flash and Savitar was the ultimate tease and showed hope in delivering an incredible final confrontation between the two speedsters.

Per usual, the final scene of the episode put quite the stamp on an already wonderful night. From the moment Barry hit the table to when he finally awoke, fans should have been on the edge of their seats. This episode should hit close to home for Wally West fans. The character has had quite the history in the comics and this episode was no exception. It’ll be added to the long list of emotional moments he’s been a part of. Finally, it should be said that Caitlin Snow deserves a vacation. But the final moment between her and Barry discussing how fear leads people to do certain things was a great way to end the night.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for the next new episode of The Flash where they revisit the Speed Force.

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