In the aftermath of capturing (Evil) Rip Hunter, The Legends struggle in two different “Lands of the Lost” on this week’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Ever since Rip Hunter has come back to the show, he hasn’t been “our” Rip. He had his memory fractured by the energy of the Wave Rider and then after receiving a lobotomy and brain restructuring by the Legion of Doom, he was remade into an evil version of himself. It was almost a “Mirror Universe” of himself as he joined the Legion of Doom and the Dark Side of Rip proved to be one of The Legends worst enemies. He knew not only all their weaknesses, but he also was one step ahead of them. Lucky for them, they managed to finally stop him last week in ancient Arthurian times and made him their prisoner. We should have known by the end of the last episode that he would once again gain the upper hand.

After all, Gideon was still under his control (why didn’t new captain Sara dismantle his leadership codes for the ship’s AI?) so Rip was able to still wreak havoc even from his holding cell. After overriding Gideon (even with her protesting) he is captain of the ship once again. After breaking out of his cell and making a trip to the armory, he accesses Gideon’s files and knows where the last piece of the Spear of Destiny is. Also, part of his sabotage is to cause the ship to time jump to the Cretaceous period (finally we go to dinosaur times and don’t use the word “Jurassic”). Although Rip was successful in the sabotage, he didn’t factor in Rory’s right cross and is knocked unconscious for most of the episode.

The crash landing causes the Legends to split up. They need to find a piece of the ship necessary for them to get out of dinosaur times, so that means braving the harsh terrain of that time. In addition to a dangerous world of dinosaurs, they have to navigate an even harsher realm, (Evil) Rip’s mind. The team decides to tackle this two-fold. Nate, Amaya, and Ray go looking for the tech outside and hop to avoid being eaten by dinos while Sara and Jax will go into (Evil) Rip’s mind to try and find out where the last piece of the Spear of Destiny is (and try to save Rip in the process). Both teams have their work cut out for them.

OK, I understand this is a network TV show with a limited budget, but if you are going to have a show during the age of the dinosaur, at least have some dinosaurs in it! This week, the CGI is lacking as we only get to see one snake (that scares Nate) and a CGI T-Rex that we only see at the end of the episode. In fact, most of the episode the dinosaur is mentioned in passing, or is “supposed” to be briefly off screen but somewhere in the background. Like I said, there probably wasn’t room in the budget for it. But this is the same network that convincingly gives us The Flash utilizing the Speed Force week after week and Supergirl using a wide range of powers, surely a CGI dinosaur couldn’t be that expensive! OK rant over.

Outside, Nate, Amaya, and Ray are looking for the tech. It’s clear that although Amaya told Nate that they should not peruse a relationship because it wouldn’t be “professional,” she’s still interested in their casual encounter. A few times throughout the episode they continuously flirt. Ray manages to interrupt them before they turn his former dino-hut into a no-tell motel. Later on, Ray pulls Nate aside and warns him that as time travelers, they can’t change the course of history. Ray explains that Amaya is literally a woman out of time. Eventually, after they save all of reality, she will need to return to her timeline, which is separate from the rest of theirs and live her life. In her life, she will get married and have children. Her grandchild will eventually become Mari McCabe (the Vixen from earlier episodes of Arrow) and be responsible for her own heroics. If Nate proceeds to form a relationship with Amaya, all of that could be negated, causing serious repercussions to the timeline, including negating all the lives saves from her and her decedents’ superhero activities. Later on, after they save the day, Amaya invites Nate to her quarters for a quick booty call, and Nate knows he has to call it off…..probably the next day. Now, this could create some serious time travel paradoxes. Perhaps Nate was always meant to be with Amaya, and it will be he who marries her and settle back in her original timeline. We’ll have to wait and see for that.

The main story for tonight’s episode had to deal with Sara and Jax as they travel into Rip’s mind. This is probably the best version of entering someone’s minds since Inception was on the big screen. They see things from Rip’s perspective, and since his brain has been rewired in a bad way, we see how he views the Legends in his mind. There are evil doppelgangers of Sara, Jax, and Rory in Rips mind. Not only do they have to fight the evil versions of themselves (who have powers in this dream world and the real versions of themselves don’t), they also have to find the real Rip, who is being held in a prison cell, and help him escape the prison of his own mind. After finding Rip inside his own mind (and just like Inception, he cannot tell what is real and what isn’t). As Jax and Sara join with the real Rip, they also run into the “real” Gideon inside Rip’s mind, who happens to be a beautiful woman and is more like Rip’s true soulmate. Here’s where it gets even more trippy, since they are inside Rip’s mind, he is the master of his own destiny, which means he has superpowers. Once Rip gains his courage, he is able to stop the evil version of The Legends inside his own mind using his “dream powers.” With his mind starting to crumble, they all manage to escape. We have “our” Rip Hunter back.

After an emotional reunion with The Legends, Rip is back as captain (still like Sara as captain and hope they are “co-captains”) and he meets the new Legends Nate and Amaya (who recovered the technology after Amaya faces off against the dinosaur using her “Vixen” powers to transform into a T-Rex herself), and the team is once again whole. They now have to try and track down the last piece of the Spear of Destiny, which is in 1970 at NASA.

Next week the Legends head to NASA to stop Eobard Thawne from obtaining the last piece of the spear in 1970 teaming up with Nate’s grandfather Citizen Steele.

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