Director J.A. Boyona has recently released a new photo teasing the upcoming Jurassic World sequel. Boyona is known for his work on A Monster Calls and The Impossible. Not much is known about the sequel to 2015’s Jurassic World, aside from the fact that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will both be returning. Other cast have signed on, but the only other returning cast member will be BD Wong who plays the (seemingly ageless) lab scientist Henry Wu, also appearing in the original Jurassic Park film. 

The image features a young girl looking at the skull of a triceratops in a room full of dinosaur bones. Is it a museum? Is it someone’s home? That’s all we get for now, but it seems to be entirely different in tone from the first film. Maybe even taking place off the island. The original trilogy had teams return to the dinosaur island and even try and bring a dinosaur off the island. Chris Pratt has hinted that the reboot film was actually conceived as a trilogy, and that makes sense, considering the money they made off the first film. So where does the franchise go from here?

There’s nothing in this photo that says they are on an island, which leads one to wonder whether the events in the rest of the films will take place on the mainland? They hinted in the first film that they could use dinosaurs as weapons, so it’s possible they will continue with that theme, or maybe they’ll go full Planet of the Apes and show dinosaurs gradually taking over the world.

The studio recently issued a casting call for a 9 year old girl named Lucy, and the logical conclusion is that Lucy is the girl in the photo.

The yet untitled Jurassic World sequel won’t hit theaters until June 22, 2018, so expect many more teases before we actually learn anything big about the upcoming adventure film.

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