HBO‘s Game of Thrones Facebook page had a live event today that featured a block of ice with the Game of Thrones season seven premiere date frozen inside. Fans commented and shared to melt the ice and reveal the date. You can skip the wait and watch the video below and skip to the end where there is a nice teaser for season seven. Check it out and an interesting poster that is floating around the Internet that might just change the game in Game of Thrones.Here’s the Facebook live feed video:

Here’s the teaser if you don’t want to watch ice melt.

Now this poster is making the rounds as the season seven teaser hits the Internet. Not sure if it is real, but there was mention of an Ice Dragon in the books. Jon SNow’s old nan used to tell him stories:

The road beneath the Wall was as dark and cold as the belly of an ice dragon and as twisty as a serpent. The wind was blowing from the east along the Wall – gusting, cold as the breath of the ice dragon.


Could the Night King have an ice dragon? That would make for an interesting fight.

July 16th can’t get here fast enough.

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