Suicide Squad was a lot of things.  A good movie, well, maybe not so much. Let’s call its response “divisive”. Its main sin is that it was more style than substance. Good story, a decent plot? Eh, fans were having too much fun to care. Relish did they in the film’s boss soundtrack of classic rock anthems, its youthful edge style (*insert obvious Hot Topic comparison joke*) and the badassery of breakaway characters like Viola Davis’ unapologetic-ally brutal Amander Waller, Margo Robbie’s barb-tongued spitfire Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s “no time for bullshit” Deadshot.

One character, however, that most everyone can have a shared sense disappointment with, was Jared Leto’s Joker. For all intents and purposes, The Joker should have stolen the show (mostly by his outrageous and destructive method acting), but he instead barely registers. And what a shame. Leto’s Joker deserved better. Despite being as far removed from the character as one can get, and amid all of the messiness, were moments of greatness, and that’s a category that Jared Leto and his Clown Prince of Crime fit perfectly into.

Ultimately, The Joker’s screen time, all of seven minutes, was too less to conclude whether it was good or bad. But, Leto was intriguing enough to leave a lasting impression, earning himself a respectable fan base. Fans, that are demanding a #JokerCut of Suicide Squad, and firm in the belief that if Leto returns as the Joker in a Batman movie, he’ll earn the respect he should have gotten on the first go around. These same fans are keeping SS Joker merchandise alive – fans that go crazy for items such as this Joker in a Tuxedo 1/6th scale figure from Hot Toys (What a Segway, huh?).

Thanks to our friends over at Sideshow Collectibles, Nerd Bastards was lucky enough to get one for review. Would you like to hear about it? Read more after the jump!

This marks the third version of the Joker from Hot Toys’ Suicide Squad line—fourth if you count the exclusive where the Joker is wearing his own version of Batman’s costume. Here, we see the Clown Prince in his full tuxedo, which, if you saw the movie, you know definitely took influences from the now iconic Alex Ross vision of him (minus the receding hairline). It features a finely tailored costume, detailed weapons and accessories, and a specially designed Suicide Squad-themed figure stand with character backdrop.


Besides cats and imaginative kids, who gets excited about a box? Generally, nobody. Packages are just obstructions to the goods – they’re opened and tossed aside. But let’s take a moment, in this case, to appreciate what a well thought out and luxury looking package this is.

The outer shoe-box style package is all black with gorgeous art-deco work and other imagery imprinted in raised gold – Looks like it could be an alternate book cover to The Great Gatzby but with The Joker and guns (what highschooler wouldn’t appreciate seeing that on their Summer reading list, eh?). Sliding off the slip cover, reveals a classy looking all-white box more of the art-deco theme. The whole thing looking like an expensive box of chocolates, or an invitation to club where the beer flows like wine and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. And coke, lots of coke.

Lovely, lovely box. Falls right in line with the neo-retro pop art that made Suicide Squad such an eyegasm. And it’s collector friendly too! Don’t need to hire an army of gun-toting goons to blast it open. Everything is neatly arranged in a unencumbered plastic tray which can be removed and re-packaged with ease.


When it comes to making hyper realistic toys, Hot Toys is the gold standard. And ever better do they constantly get it. The sculpt on this piece looks better than each and every one of the Joker figures before it. This looks more like Jared Leto than the one a few years back for Heath Ledger’s version from The Dark Knight, and at the time, that was considered one of the coolest figurine of all time.  He’s got the “damaged” tattoo across his forehead along with a J and scarring around his left eye and star above the right.  He also sports silver grills instead of teeth , and signature flouresent green greasily slicked backed hair on his squash. Between the skin texturing, imperfections, pores, freckles, veins, and those eerily looking eyes… it’s all too freakishly real.

Joker is donned in a black tux, which traces its origin to the classic comics. The 3-piece tail coat suit comes complete with: jacket, skinny trousers, white shirt, ivory waist coast, white gloves, silver dusted boutonnière, and an ivory bow tie. Oh and a pair of black and white dress shoes. It’s all real fabric and hand tailored, and even steam pressed (look at the those pant lines!), as if it came straight outta out of Men’s Warehouse. The fabric material is also light and does not inhibit much of the figures 30+ points of articulation, just some tightness in the shoulders.


The Joker comes with a gold plated machine gun, a pistol, a purple (pimp) cane, an acetylene torch three sets of hands, and a stand. All of which are equally just as detailed as the figure. Not only do they look spot on, but Hot Toys took it a step further by giving the guns some function. The machine gun has a removal-able magazine clip and adjustable stock, and the pistol with chambering action. Come on, if those aren’t the coolest features you didn’t know you wanted.

Joker with his pimp cane will likely be the default display – ’cause really, isn’t everything better with a pimp cane?

And that base. “All about that base, all about that base..”. Bases are generally boring and take away from the realism – nothing shatters an illusion of a life-like figure more than a metal hook cradling the crotch. At least this base, stands out. The 3D Suicide Squad logo and the red text on the name plate really quite pop.

The figure also comes with artful cardboard backdrop, which is a new and welcomed addition to Hot Toy releases – adds a little extra panache when it comes to display options.


For those tempted to strip Joker down to his skivvies, will find only disappointment, for he is lacking a very prominent feature….  everything from the collarbone down is utterly ink-less. You’d have to buy the Purple Coat Version of the character if you want screen-accurate body tattoos.

Being nit picky for nit picky sake, what’s up with the molded plastic laces on the shoes? Hot Toys went all out and made a screen accurate fully tailored suit, heck, even went as far as making the hand gun with chambering action, why get lazy with the shoes? From a distance the shoes look perfectly fine, it’s just one of those finer details that you’d expect more from Hot Toys.


One could say, it takes a real fan of this particular incarnation, to be invested in such a singular moment in time being on your shelf forever. Maybe that’s true, but get this figure in hand, and there is no question at just how undeniably cool looking this piece is. An absolutely stunning figure that is sure to convince even the most prejudice.

Now all Hot Toys/Sideshow needs to do is release a Harley in classic suit to go with it.

Joker Tuxedo version is retails for $219.99 with payment plans for as little as $99.00 a month. Buy him HERE

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