In the Alien series, there’s just as much admiration for the xenomorphs as there is fear. For some people, they admire the perfection of species, a creature that is the most excellent killing machine, intelligent, adaptable and insatiable in its apparent blood lust for other organisms. It’s enough to make you wonder where they came from, and how they evolved? Most Alien characters seem unconcerned with origins of the xenomorphs in the face of, you know, running for their lives, but it looks like Ridley Scott is finally going to go there in Alien: Covenant. Warning for the spoiler averse though because a pretty major reveal is discussed below.

According to The Verge, who saw a 20-minute preview cut of footage from the film, the origins of the xenomorphs will be revealed in the Covenant, and it’s all David’s fault. In their description of the footage, Michael Fassbender‘s android character from Prometheus shows Billy Crudup‘s character his “personal workshop of biological terrors” where David tells him about how he’s been studying the creatures discovered during the events of Prometheus. David then leads Crudup to a chamber where some “identical” looking eggs lie in wait. Presumably, this leads to the scene we saw from the recent trailer where a Facehugger launches at Crudup.

Now whether or not this means that David is the creator of the xenomorphs, or the edit just makes it look that way, is to be determined. You can’t help but be a little disappointed though if it turns out to be true; the xenomorphs lose a little of their mystique if it turns out that they were cooked up Frankenstein-style in a lab by an android. On the other hand, it would a little peculiar if 20th Century Fox let such an important reveal slip in a promotional clip, so expect that that whole story has yet to be revealed.

Alien: Covenant will be in theatres everywhere on May 19.

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